MLB's 1993 Catch the Fever Campaign

(By Christopher Wilson)

Baseball and rap music may seem like a pairing as suitable as knee-high dress socks and shorts, but I am among those who caught the fever from Major League Baseball's 1993 Catch the Fever campaign.

Opinion seems to be split on the 30-second commercial rap, but considering I was almost 14 when this aired and that I loved it, I can safely assume that MLB's primary objective was to appeal to a younger audience and alienate anyone over 30.

McDonald's 2003 England Football MicroStars

(By Christopher Wilson)

I don't know how strong a craving for a McDonald's Happy Meal toy would have to be for me to consider flying to Europe to buy one, but if I ever would have done so, it would have been in 2003.

During qualifying for the UEFA Euro 2004 Championship, McDonald's locations in England gave away one of 11 official Corinthian MicroStars figures from the England Men's National Football Team.

The Original Micro Stars MLB Figures

(By Christopher Wilson, originally published June 21, 2007)

One of the benefits of having a father who owned his own business was being able to talk him into buying anything that I wanted, convincing him that he could sell said product at his drugstore.

It meant that I had a 100 percent conversion rate as a salesman from age 5 until my father retired.

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