Friday, October 17, 2014

Sports Briefs: U2's Songs of Innocence Sports Headlines

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Chris: If the growing fad of texting is contributing to either the downfall of civilization or society’s inability to spell, I hope that referring to the band U2 as “You Too” will demonstrate my willingness to follow “The Associated Press Stylebook” and display a lack of necessity to use Spell Check in this opening paragraf. I may not feel innocent pilfering “You Too’s” compositions to use as headlines for already-finished columns. But pilfering song titles from “Songs of Innocence” and determining what sports story best coincides with them demonstrates extraordinary wherewithal, which will be my defense should I be issued a court summons.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ref Guru’s 2014 Week 6 Re-view, Week 7 Pre-view and Overall In-side View

(By David Grant)

Who’s hot: The San Diego Chargers. They beat a sorry but fired up Oakland team in a close one at the Black Hole, and they get a chance for another division win this week at home against the Chiefs. The Dawg Pound celebrated a rare win against the Steelers. Big Ben was 18-1 against the Browns before Sunday. Now, Cleveland has Jacksonville, Oakland and Tampa Bay on the schedule, before their big showdown against the Bengals in Week 10. Dallas RB DeMarco Murray has 100 yards in each of his first six games, matching Jim Brown as the only other player to accomplish that feat.

Clutch Chronicles: One-Third Surprises

(By Brandon Meyers)

About one-third of the way through the NFL regular season and we have already seen a few surprises. San Diego and Dallas have been a part of a positive, uplifting surprise for their fan base; while teams like Tampa Bay and Seattle either have their fans a little worried or completely over this season as a whole.

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