Musings of Maestro R: Integrity is Not Dead

(By Richard A. Rampello)

In the wake of integrity’s apparent death, there comes the light and darkness, the alpha and the omega and two stories of immeasurably important comparison. Firstly, amateurism does not extol greatness, as money will always be a draw for sustainability. Even great projects, like the well known Livestrong, only produce results based on remuneration.

To clarify, professional sports is not dead toward love of the game, as the NFL Draft loves to illuminate, but I had a "Sports Night" moment at a very young level, that of my niece. I remember the several minutes of watching the show, a show that I desired to imbibe visually, alas I did not.

Sports-Wise: Lil B, Known Wizard/Rapper, Curses James Harden and the Houston Rockets

(By Jess Wise)

If you’ve been watching the Western Conference finals this week, you know that the Houston Rockets are having a tough time against the Warriors. It’s not that they’re losing by a large margin; in fact, it’s just the opposite, and I think that’s even harder to take. They only fell in Game 1 by 4, earning 106 points to the Warriors’ 110. Then, in a heartbreaking Game 2, they lost by one measly point, 98-99. The likelihood that James Harden and his team will be able to come back and win the series is incredibly low, but it’s clear that the teams are nearly evenly matched. So, that leaves us wondering what force is behind the Rockets misfortune. Is it just bad luck? Or maybe . . . a curse?

The Miniature MUSCLE Men Toys

(By Chris, Editor in Chief of and the adult writer of the Gab Four. Originally published Aug. 27, 2007, sponsored by 3 Spoons Yogurt)

Not that I would ever fantasize about Greedo in a Speedo, but that's what I imagine when I think of alien wrestlers.

In terms of overall importance, intergalactic wrestlers fighting for supremacy of the universe kind of dwarfs the importance of the Super Bowl, World Series, Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl, etc.

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