The Original Micro Stars MLB Figures

(By Christopher Wilson, originally published June 21, 2007)

One of the benefits of having a father who owned his own business was being able to talk him into buying anything that I wanted, convincing him that he could sell said product at his drugstore.

It meant that I had a 100 percent conversion rate as a salesman from age 5 until my father retired.

Nike's Kyrie 2 Ky-Rispy Kreme Shoes

(By Christopher Wilson)

"Those are some appetizing shoes" is a sentiment that has only ever been pondered by a goat. But thanks to Krispy Kreme, Nike and Kyrie Irving, it is now possible for me to share the same perspective as a goat.

New for 2016 are Nike's limited edition Kyrie 2 Ky-Rispy Kreme basketball sneakers, which look as much like a Krispy Kreme donut as footwear can. The shoes are mostly white with red and green sprinkles, sharing the same color scheme as the Krispy Kreme logo.

General Mills' 1998 Major League Grand Slams Cereal

(By Richard A. Rampello)

I had a "blast from the past" moment, and thankfully not the 1999 Brendan Fraser flick.

I do recall having seen, if not sampling, the Major League Grand Slams breakfast munchies. On the box is Hall of Famer Frank Thomas, finishing a likely wallop, along with Mike Piazza, fresh to the Hall, and the hard-to-call for the Hall Mark McGwire, at his apex with the St. Louis Cardinals. These are Lucky Charms like, but hey, we can have fun, and the players can now clench to hope. Or to 1998, when they were relevant and appeared clean.
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