Your 2015 New York Football Giants!

(By David Grant)

2015 Outlook: The Giants are the Dolphins of the NFC. Good enough to beat you if you’re not paying attention but not good enough to win a Super Bowl. Playoffs? Probably not. The team had a horrible 0-2 start and never really recovered, as they dropped five games in a row in the middle of the schedule, and the total points combined for their 10 losses was 124. The offense tried to make up for the lack of defensive production with 380 points, which put them above playoff teams Cincinnati and Carolina, but it wasn’t enough to add to the Manning/Coughlin legacy that has won two Super Bowls for the Big Apple.

Your 2015 Dallas Cowboys!

(By David Grant)

2015 Outlook: Even without the NFL’s leading rusher in 2014, DeMarco Murray, Dallas should be the best in the division. Will they be? Well, that’s a really good question. Dallas needs to focus and do it early. They have two division games, the Falcons, Saints and Patriots before the bye in Week 6. Six of the final 11 are OTR and include trips to Tampa, Miami, Green Bay and Buffalo. Dallas lost their four games last season by a total of just 48 points. But one of those was a 23-point blowout against the Eagles. Dallas should make the playoffs, but I am leery of their chances much past the first round, unless they can stay healthy. The Eagles are in their rear-view mirror for sure.

Musings of Maestro R: What is Political?

(By Richard A. Rampello)

It is common practice for human resources to dissuade discussions of politics, because it is controversial and often an unnecessary topic of divisiveness. Plus, it generally does not have anything to do with actual work, save for these moments. But I am not intending to be political, namely because I cannot define it.

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