ESPN's Bean Bag Players

(By Christopher Wilson)

Mickey, Donald and Goofy may be the figurative tent poles for Disney, but I could not take my eyes off ESPN's line of bean bag players, sold exclusively at the Disney Store and ESPN - The Store in the late '90s.

The set consisted of generic athletes dressed in a generic ESPN uniform for each respective sport. The best description for the athletes would be a taller, leaner version of Ziggy with no eyes and bountifully fuzzy hair that responds well to static electricity. Apparently, having no eyesight and a large nose was all it took to succeed in ESPN's plush universe.

MLB's 1993 Catch the Fever Campaign

(By Christopher Wilson)

Baseball and rap music may seem like a pairing as suitable as knee-high dress socks and shorts, but I am among those who caught the fever from Major League Baseball's 1993 Catch the Fever campaign.

Opinion seems to be split on the 30-second commercial rap, but considering I was almost 14 when this aired and that I loved it, I can safely assume that MLB's primary objective was to appeal to a younger audience and alienate anyone over 30.

McDonald's 2003 England Football MicroStars

(By Christopher Wilson)

I don't know how strong a craving for a McDonald's Happy Meal toy would have to be for me to consider flying to Europe to buy one, but if I ever would have done so, it would have been in 2003.

During qualifying for the UEFA Euro 2004 Championship, McDonald's locations in England gave away one of 11 official Corinthian MicroStars figures from the England Men's National Football Team.
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