Five NBA Bleacher Creatures Dolls

(By Christopher Wilson)

Has anyone ever taken a Bleacher Creatures doll into a tattoo parlor, intent on recreating a player's actual tattoos? I have no idea how much a tattoo costs, but considering most NBA players have, on average, 87 tattoos, I would imagine it would cause uncontrollable salivation for a parlor owner.

Here are five NBA Bleacher Creature dolls, all of whom are participating in the 2016 NBA playoffs.

Post Cereal's 2004 MLS Footbags

(By Christopher Wilson)

If one enjoys an element of danger with their breakfast, Post was happy to oblige in 2004.

Second only to water and electricity as a lethal combination is soccer balls and bowls of cereal. But that didn't stop Post from including a Major League Soccer miniature plush ball in specially marked boxes of their sweetened corn and oats.

Burger King's 2002 Shaq Pack

(By Christopher Wilson)

A man dressed as a king may not be able to influence me into buying a hamburger, but the same cannot be said about a 300-pound basketball player.

Burger King knew it had something special when it signed Shaquille O'Neal as a sponsor. But many athletes promote fast food restaurants. What separated Shaq and Burger King's joint venture was their desire to have Shaq be the first person in Burger King's history to have a menu item named for them.
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