Sports-Wise: Tug of Row or Row of War

(By Jess Wise)

Guys, I never though I would say this, but God bless Poland. Before today, I (understandably, I think) never paid much attention to this former territory of Russia. I mean, because I am a citizen of earth with basic historical knowledge, I understand they really got the short end of the stick during World War II. Yikes. Also, there is a Polish lady that lives on my block who is super friendly. But, now I have a reason to love Poland—a reason even more compelling than pierogies (if that’s possible). They have invented a fabulous new sport.

Hope's Hijinks: All is Fair in Love and War

(By Hope Scott)

Fights are always publicized, especially between rival sports teams or players. LeBron James and Kevin Love of the Cleveland Cavaliers are in a fight that is keeping many fans entertained.

While promoting an ad, Kevin Love appeared on two national radio shows and made rude comments about LeBron James and how this season is progressing, which suggested an even more strained relationship than we all had previously thought.

NYC FC and Orlando Leading the East? Who Would Have Figured?

(By Franklin Lee)

Well fans, after the first three games have been played for this young MLS season, there are so many early surprises to talk about. Most would not have figured that the two newest franchises in the league would be sitting in first and second in the Eastern Conference, but there they are.
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