Sports Briefs: A Reverse 2015 NFL Draft

(Sponsored by 3 Spoons Yogurt)

Chris: Don’t draft me! John Elway and Eli Manning got away with telling a team they would rather amputate their right arm than to play for that organization. And though it’s a small sample size, this technique has, apparently, proven to be infallible. Therefore, every potential NFL draftee should get to pick where they play. They got to choose where they played in college, and an NFL combine for coaches and owners seems like the greatest NFL idea since face masks. Has anyone ever wondered if Robert Kraft or Malcolm Glazer has a faster time in the 40?

Remembering the Wichita Falls Texans of the CBA

(By Chris, Editor in Chief of and the adult writer of the Gab Four. Originally published May 24, 2007, sponsored by 3 Spoons Yogurt)

When one thinks of minor league baseball, Susan Sarandon comes to mind. Conversely, when one thinks of minor league basketball, Isiah Thomas comes to mind.

So when I mention that the most exciting basketball game I attended was Game 6 of the CBA Championship in Wichita Falls, Texas, in April 1991, please understand that this was prior to Thomas buying the league and bankrupting it.

Montreal: The Worst in MLS and the Best in CONCACAF?

(By Franklin Lee)

The last time we talked, fans, the MLS season was just two games young; now we have, on average, seven games played by most teams. The season is hitting its groove, and the early first-place teams are beginning to show their real colors.

How many people really expected two new franchises to come out and win their divisions? That is unrealistic, to say the least, but it was cool while it lasted. Orlando City is still holding their own, though, currently in two-way tie for second place with Columbus. New York City FC is, at least, not at the bottom of the conference, with Montreal and Toronto securing a safety net for them.

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