Your 2015 Carolina Panthers!

(By David Grant)

2015 Outlook: When you play teams scoring 400 plus points every year, it’s hard to stay in the playoff hunt for 17 weeks. And their 339 points was only good for 20th place. The lack of scoring and overall inept offense is not a formula for success in January. But because the rest of the division tanked, the Panthers made the playoffs with a losing record of 7-8-1 and beat the quarterback-less Cardinals at the Kitty Box. The lack of production showed up the following week, however, in a 31-17 beat down in Seattle. Expect the division title to change hands this year, and the Saints, Falcons and Bucs will have something to do with that.

Your 2015 Atlanta Falcons!

(By David Grant)

2015 Outlook: If we are going to concede two playoff spots to the NFC West, that leaves one extra for the rest of the conference, and one the One Winged Birds will need to wrestle away from some pretty good competition if they want to get into the playoffs. They have the beaks to do it; the question is whether they will stay focused enough to get it done. They might, but I’d like their chances a lot better if they could beat out the Saints for the division title and get a much needed home playoff game.

Your 2015 Minnesota Vikings!

(By David Grant)

2015 Outlook: 325 points is only going to make you frustrated, because it puts you well behind the playoff teams in your conference, but not in the cellar. When your nine losses are for a combined 96 points, or only an average of six points per game, you have a right to feel bummed, Viking Nation. And when five of your nine losses are by a combined total of 16 points, well, you can hope that 2015 will be better. But if the Vikings will give up 80 points again over four games like they did last year, they may be watching at home come January. Six of their nine losses were OTR. So there is work to be done in the town once owned by WJM TV.

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