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Christopher Wilson
"Chris" is Christopher Wilson, author and Editor in Chief of Christopher has been a syndicated sports humor columnist since 2002 and lives in Waco, Texas.

"Sports Briefs" is Christopher's finest book to date--also his only book to date--and is a collection of his 68 best columns, written in memory of his father, Carroll Wilson, who passed away from cancer in March 2003. A portion of the proceeds from "Sports Briefs" go to the American Cancer Society and the First United Methodist Church in Christopher's hometown, Olney, Texas.

Besides sports and underwear, Christopher was nominated as Poet of the Year in 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2006 by the International Society of Poets. He's been published in "Letters from the Soul," "Eternal Portraits," "The Best Poems and Poets of 2003" and "Colours of the Heart." His poetry has been read on "The Sounds of Poetry," a 33-track, three-album CD.

Christopher graduated from Olney High School, where he had no interest in journalism whatsoever, except for reading the sports section during his lunch period each day. It was at Midwestern State University (The MU) in Wichita Falls, Texas, under the tutelage of very crafty professors, where he began to take an interest in the field, after sampling most other fields of study, buffet-style. He was a reporter, columnist and assistant sports editor for the student newspaper, The Wichitan--where he spent most of his time muckraking. Christopher received a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with a minor in journalism in 2002, and he arranged obituaries and crossword puzzles 
in a festive manner as a pagination coordinator for the Times Record News in Wichita Falls before joining as a columnist.

Christopher currently serves as the sports editor for the Waco Citizen newspaper and is an official voting member of the Texas Sports Hall of Fame. 

Listen to Chris explain how the Gab Four got started, the reason behind his book and more on's Blog Talk Radio Show (June 24, 2009).

To contact Christopher Wilson, send an e-mail and put "To Chris" in the subject line.

Lou Hirsch, actor  
"I'm lost for words. Thank you for that. I'm very flattered. I will put a link to the article on my site. Many thanks, Christopher. And no, let's not talk about the Yankees this year." - about Chris' column "The Ultronian Fan."
Mark Cuban, Dallas Mavericks owner  
" : ) " - about Chris' column "On the Mark," included in the book "Sports Briefs."
Kay Bailey Hutchison, U.S. Senator  
"Congratulations on the publication of "Sports Briefs." It is fitting that you wrote this book in memory of your father, who certainly would have enjoyed seeing a printed collection of your columns. It is also fitting that you have chosen to donate a portion of the proceeds generated by the book to both the American Cancer Society and to your church. My best wishes for the success of "Sports Briefs."
Colchester United FC 
"Great story, you would always be very welcome to come to a game at the stadium!" - about Chris' column "Are You Ready for Some English Football?"
Bonnie Bernstein, sportscaster
"I'll be sure to check out the book! Cheers!"


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