Sports Briefs: Making Manning Decisions

Chris: Play for the Colts, play for another team or retire seems to be a slightly more difficult decision for Peyton Manning than the adjudication contestants on “The Bachelor” have to make, though I am hopeful Manning will be able to reach a conclusion without sobbing uncontrollably or having his manhood questioned.

Ralphie: I love Peyton Manning, and I want him to stay with the Colts. Maybe he could play this year and then start being a coach after that. He could work with the Colts' first draft choice Andrew Luck. 

Joe: Risk/reward factors are clearly not in his favor. Peyton should retire and not risk further serious injury.

Brad: There are quite a few teams that are looking at him, so it may not be the best time for him to retire.

Chris: Unfortunately, since the Cowboys are not among Peyton’s squires, I am obligated to report that, after playing catch with Peyton in my backyard yesterday afternoon, Manning’s passes lacked enough zip that I would be inclined to believe Manning would lose an arm-wrestling match to Gumby.

Ralphie: I'd keep playing because he loves to play, but I would be really careful.

Brad: No, I don't think so. I think I would opt for a more stable, solid player.

Joe: The Colts offense under Peyton's quarterbacking was basically a Peyton-run program. Why not take the $24M bonus that is looming and spread it out over four years and name Peyton as the new (and presumably highest salaried) head coach of the Colts?

Ralphie: The Colts need to hang onto Peyton. He's a great player and a good role model.

Brad: It depends on if he gets a good offer from another team and if they want or are able to top it.

Chris: Being a retirement destination, Miami would be an ideal destination for Manning and allow him to occasionally wear a Dolphins jersey, should shuffleboard become too mundane. This action would be known as killing two birds with one stone, a favorite idiom of muckrakers.

Joe: If I was Peyton, I would welcome the chance to stay in football and coach for years to come. If I were the Colts' owner, I would welcome the chance to keep Peyton with the Indianapolis franchise.

Chris: Aside from being the only NFL player to participate in a game while wearing a neck brace, there is little left for Manning to accomplish in his professional football career. Though before officially retiring, I would want Manning to thoroughly evaluate the possibility of Rob Lowe attaining prophet status.

Brad: It depends on whether I loved playing the game or was just in it for the money. Although, I would definitely want to go out on a Super Bowl win if possible.

Ralphie: If I were in charge of an NFL team, I would sign Peyton because he's such a great player, but I'd put things in his contract where he wouldn't get the extra money if he couldn't play because of injuries. He would just get a certain amount if he couldn't play.

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