Sports Briefs: Miami Vice

(Originally published Dec. 9, 2011)

Chris: Don Johnson could not be more excited about the Florida Marlins' feng shui transformation, resulting in a logo, uniform and color scheme that may have him considering expanding his wardrobe to include ensembles not worn since "Miami Vice."

Joe: The Miami Marlins is a great change for the team, since most teams in baseball have a local connection to the city in which they are based.

Brad: Miami Marlins sounds like a MLB name instead of a college name, but I prefer the old logo and uniforms.

Ralphie: I like the name Florida Marlins better because I think it is easier to say.

Chris: While being completely undecipherable as a marlin, the new logo is easier for glass blowers to shape into neon signs, both of which are positives, given the city’s preference for fluorescence and seafood that does not have eyes.

Ralphie: I like that they are colorful. They look like an advertisement for the monorails at Walt Disney World. That kind of works because they are in Florida.

Brad: It's like they are trying to make a new image with the new uniforms, name, etc., but they have spent the big bucks on players before and then basically backtracked by selling them. They need to keep a solid base to keep a winning team winning season after season.

Joe: New logos and uniforms for Miami--how better to raise revenue for a team that wants to spend a lot of money for free agents.

Chris: First Jose Reyes. Then Mark Buerhle. I fully expect Jeff Conine to be in uniform before Opening Day.

Ralphie: It could be good if they help them win a lot of games. Maybe they should just pay them a little bit at first and then pay them a lot of money if they start helping the team win games.

Brad: They put a lot of effort into acquiring these players, and as long as they provide on the field, then it's looking to be a good upcoming season.

Chris: I fully expect the Marlins to be selling off their players at this time next year, shortly after celebrating their third World Series title. The Marlins have splurged twice earlier in their history, each time resulting in a championship. Considering that the New York Yankees have splurged every year since their formation and have only 27 rings to show for over 100 years of baseball, I would call that borderline ineptitude.

Joe: In Major League Sports, owners think that money makes winners. TEAM chemistry makes winners. The huge, Yankee payrolls never guaranteed a winner.

Ralphie: I don’t really like the Marlins. They have just never been one of my favorite teams. I think they will be OK, but I don’t think they will be great.

Chris: Not only will the Marlins have uniforms that have been pilfered from Gloria Estefan’s backup dancers, they will be moving into a new stadium that has an animated sculpture in the outfield. Each time the team hits a home run, the sculpture activates with neon lights, jumping marlins and may possibly spit out quarters.

Joe: New owners have new ideas. Signing no-cut long term contracts (all the rage now in baseball) should assure the Miami fans that repeat winning is the top priority.

Brad: This should be a great season, since the team will have the excitement of new uniforms, a new logo and big ticket players. They need to make sure they are united into a solid team that will stay put.

Ralphie: I think they will keep doing what they have been doing.

Joe: Marlins should be in the hunt--only question is can they beat the Phillies?

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