Brad the Teen

Luis Cardenas
So who is Brad? Well, "Brad" is actually Luis Cardenas from sunny Santa Barbara, Calif. Luis is an oldest sibling, aspiring writer, and (most importantly) a huge Philadelphia Eagles fan. Luis attends Dos Pueblos High School, the home of the Chargers. He is looking forward to going into Political Science once he is in college. 

Luis is often found reading up on the Eagles or, consequently (keep your friends close and your enemies closer), on the Dallas Cowboys. Luis' favorite books have to be "The Song Of Ice And Fire" series by George R.R. Martin. He doesn't watch very much television besides ESPN, but loves going to the movie theater with his friends. Luis enjoys spending time on his motorcycle, duking it out on the basketball courts, or fishing offshore early in morning.

"I always turn to the sports section first. The sports page records people's accomplishments; the front page has nothing but man's failures." ~Earl Warren

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