Ralphie the Kid

Joey Torbert
“Ralphie” is Joey Torbert from northeast Georgia. He attends elementary school, where he enjoys reading, writing, math and P.E. He enjoys writing short stories and keeping notes in his journal. 

An avid sports fan, Joey loves to watch and play sports. His favorite football team is the current national champion, the Auburn Tigers, and the Atlanta Braves are his favorite baseball team. The Braves’ Tim Hudson, a former Auburn University baseball player, is his role model. 
While Joey plays pitcher, third base, shortstop and second base, his favorite position to play is second base.

Joey’s favorite TV shows are “Wipeout” and “101 Ways to Leave a Game Show.” His favorite movie is “The Incredibles.”

In addition to his schoolwork, Joey enjoys going to church, playing baseball and spending time with his family and with his best friend, Spencer. 

To contact Joey Torbert, send an e-mail and put "To Ralphie" in the subject line.

Past Ralphies

Joey Torbert (2011-current)
C.J. Smith (2008-2011)

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