Sports Briefs: It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

Chris: If there’s one thing employees with excused absences, students on Spring Break and the habitually unemployed can agree on, it’s that the first day of March Madness is made cosmically more enjoyable when one has no obligations.

Joe: My typical day for the next four days is beer and basketball. Hamburgers, wings and more basketball at my favorite St. Louis establishment, Syberg's. Top it off with beer, basketball and corned beef this Saturday. Happy St. Patrick's to all of our readers.

Ralphie: I can only watch on the weekends because of school. On my typical day, I play baseball and watch when I can.

Brad: This year is a four-day weekend. Woot! I get to see all the action.

Chris: With 12 hours of NCAA basketball following “The Price is Right” on CBS, most college scholars spend the first two days of the tournament in unparalleled euphoria. These are special days, indeed, with the St. Bonaventure Bonnies receiving the type of adulation and maniacal screams normally reserved for Drew Carey.

Joe: I'm rooting for all the dogs and the MO. Tigers. Why? Because I love to dance with Cinderellas and growl with Tigers.

Brad: My faves are my fave no matter what, definitely OSU and Duke, but I get into the rush of who's winning. I like games that are close for the anticipation of the win.

Ralphie: I like Kentucky because they're part of the SEC, and they've been #1 most of the year. I think they're the best team.

Joe: Tigers to win it all. Perhaps a bit whimsical on the call, but a real shot 'til KY (providing KY gets to finals).

Chris: As my recent fortune cookie read, the path to getting what you desire can often be filled with obstacles. Assuming Butler does not qualify for the championship game for the third year in a row, the biggest upset this year has already proven to be McDonald’s decision to sell their Shamrock Shake at all 14,000 locations in the United States. I can only assume it won’t be long before Steven Curtis Chapman pens a tribute to Uncle O’Grimacey, who ate Cinderella and is now the overwhelming favorite.

Joe: I have a favorite in every game which may not be the betting favorite. It’s a game-by-game call, and I'm in a point pool where you can win every game. It makes it more interesting that way.

Brad: I am interested in how well Vanderbilt and Syracuse are going to fair. I think that will be a good match up.

Ralphie: I think Kansas and Michigan St. are going to be two other teams that will be tough to beat.

Brad: I expect Duke and Las Vegas to be in the Final Four.

Ralphie: It's more fun to watch when I'm pulling for someone. Once my favorite teams are out, I usually pull for the underdog.

Chris: After 48 games during the first weekend of the tournament, which is filled with upsets, nail-biters and numerous instances of Clark Kellogg referring to the basketball as a pumpkin, March Madness accurately describes my wife’s emotions, as she is simply hoping for all the teams to lose, in order for “The Young and the Restless” to return to its normal time.

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