Sports Briefs: Keeping Up with Lamar Odom

Chris: After marrying into a family who has a rich tradition and heritage of being reality television personalities after only a month of dating and subsequently agreeing to film a spin-off reality program about his own courtship, it’s surprising that Lamar Odom got cold feet in his relationship with Mark Cuban.

Joe: Apparently, Lamar Odom was not good for the team struggling to make the playoffs a year after being crowned NBA champs. Cuban simply termed it "no commitment."

Ralphie: I was disappointed. I thought he was going to be a superstar, and he really wasn’t at all.

Brad: I don't think he had his whole heart in it. He loves the game, but I think he loves LA more.

Joe: His play this year has been few points (6.6), fewer rebounds (4.2) and fewest minutes (20.5). Need anything more be said than "no commitment."

Chris: I hypothesize the Lakers traded Odom to the Mavericks, knowing he would sabotage their rival’s season, save them money and return to Los Angeles after the season. I would rather see Odom sipping on a lemonade and lounging in a cushioned folding chair parked next to Brian Cardinal at the end of the Mavericks bench.

Ralphie: It makes sense to me. When they signed him, they really expected a lot out of him, and he didn’t really live up to what they thought they were getting out of him.

Brad: I think he may have been on the wrong team, but I think he needs to decide what is more important: playing basketball or living in LA.

Chris: Odom’s situation causes me to reminisce about Derek Fisher, who helped the Lakers win three titles from 2000-2002 and then left the team as a free agent. Fisher played three seasons away from Los Angeles, bringing his veteran savvy and championship experience to the Warriors and Jazz, where he hit a total of zero clutch shots. He left Utah in order to have better access to his daughter’s eye doctor in New York and decided it would be best to move further away from her doctor and return to the Lakers. This confused me but benefited the Lakers, as Fisher helped lead them to three more NBA Finals, winning two. I am willing to gamble and risk losing Fisher’s five rings that he and Odom will be playing for the Lakers in 2013.

Joe: With an $8.9 million salary this year, Odom needs a major attitude adjustment or he won't play for any team, not any team with responsible management.

Brad: It boils down to business and what's good for business. Maybe the Mavs felt his reality show affected his game play or affected their team somehow. Maybe he just didn't play up to the standards that they wanted or were looking for.

Joe: Kardashian/reality show—hey, everybody needs a part-time job in these economic conditions and times.

Ralphie: I don’t know anything about the Kardashians. My mom says I’m not old enough to know about them, so I don’t know about that. I do think having a reality show is a way to gain more fans, though.

Brad: I think the show is funny. People on reality shows seem to not always end up ok after the shows. Maybe Odom will end up ok, since there are so many Kardashian shows. They can always just make up another show, or better yet maybe he can knock off the shows and go into coaching or sports commentating.

Ralphie: I don’t know that he’s finished as a basketball player, but he may just not be as great as he used to be. Maybe getting on a new team will help him by giving him new teammates and a new coach.

Chris: Knowing he won’t be playing for Dallas does allow the producers of “Khloe and Lamar” to feature a scene in at least one upcoming episode where Khole firmly encourages Lamar to browse the want ads and inquire about unemployment benefits.

Ralphie: Being homesick can have a big impact on people because they’re not with their friends or near places and people they love. I get really homesick when I’m away from my family, and I know I’m not really at my best when I’m not at home. So, maybe that did affect his play. Maybe a team closer to L.A. will pick him up, and we’ll see him get back to being the great player the Mavericks expected him to be.

Brad: I love going new places, but I always miss home.

Joe: If Odom wants us to believe that he is homesick, then maybe he shouldn't be allowed to attend camp anymore.

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