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Chris: Known as an arousing projectile, the New York Jets successfully managed to divert not only their city’s attention but the country’s attention away from their Super Bowl champion neighbors simply by trading away a fourth-round and sixth-round draft pick, while simultaneously causing their own fans to hark back to the days of the Neil O’Donnell and Glenn Foley competitions. Incumbent quarterback Mark Sanchez’s reaction to the Jets acquiring Tim Tebow could best be described as gewgawed. I just said “gewgawed.”

Joe: The Jets acquiring Tebow--nothing less than a stroke of genius. Who says that there can only be one quarterback-like player on the field at one time?

Ralphie: I think the Jets are really lucky to get Tebow. He’s an awesome player, but I don’t know how the people in New York are going to treat him. I hope they are not mean to him because he’s a Christian.

Brad: I don't really care for him much. I find his “Tebowing” to be distracting and really just showboating. It takes away from his ability to play and leaves the fans only talking about how he stands up for his religious beliefs. It's football, come on.

Chris: The implications of a personality like Tebow coming to New York are titillating. The potential of a quarterback controversy will create a cornucopia of debate. But I can’t help but think of the potential marketing opportunities available to Big Dogs by creating “Bark Sanchez vs. Tim Tebone” T-shirts.

Joe: Sanchez may not be the talk of the town anymore, but if he can forget the spotlight and use the Tebow weaponry, he might just be playing in the Super Bowl.

Brad: I think they will use him to light a fire under Sanchez's running game. I see them using Tebow to aid in the training of the rest of the players and working Sanchez into more running plays.

Ralphie: I think it’s going to become a big competition between Sanchez and Tebow. In the end, though, I think Tebow will win and be the best quarterback the Jets have ever had.

Joe: Jets will use Tebow in every offensive configuration and combination imaginable. Passer, receiver, runner and blocker, it’s all there for the taking and confusing for their opposing defenses.

Chris: Mark Sanchez has repeatedly complimented his new teammate, often praising Tebow’s ability in the weight room, his explosive punting abilities, closing speed on special teams and ability to synchronously handle a clipboard, hat and paper cup while standing on the sideline.

Ralphie: I think Sanchez will probably start, but I think Tebow will end up as the starter. Tebow is a really good Christian role model for people, and I believe God’s blessing him for it.

Brad: I see Sanchez starting, but I see the Jets pulling him. Tebow will be put in at some point during the season. I see them using Tebow to push the Jets into Super Bowl contention and also putting the Jets in the fan spotlight with his “Tebowing.”

Chris: If any guffaws Sanchez makes eventually come to be known as "Sanchezing," I am hereby claiming squatter's rights to that term.

Ralphie: I think they may lose some at the beginning, but when Tebow starts as their quarterback, the season will turn around.

Chris: Given their challenging schedule to start the season, the Jets could easily go 1-4 and replace Sanchez with Tebow, followed by Tebow leading to the team to a 7-4 record, a division title and an overtime playoff victory against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Tebow could conceivably court Andie MacDowell if this scenario comes to fruition.

Joe: Sanchez will start and finish as primary quarterback barring any injury.

Brad: I see it making him a better player overall. Bringing in someone who can do your job and possibly do it better than you can make you do your best to keep what you have.

Chris: Sanchez has been taking an online correspondence course taught by the legendary Derek Bell titled Operation Shutdown 101. Many Jets fear that if Tebow wins the starting job, Sanchez will eventually be released and seek to befriend Kyle Orton.

Ralphie: I think Tebow will be their starting quarterback. He will have to really prove to the people in New York that he is a great player so that they will respect him. Helping the team win games will help that happen.

Joe: Jets go to Super Bowl and will play San Francisco--you heard it hear first!

Brad: I really think they will do well. I don't know if I see them in the Super Bowl, but I definitely see them going fairly far.

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