Why I Strongly Dislike John Terry

(By Chris, Editor in Chief of MyBriefs.com and the adult writer of the Gab Four, sponsored by 3 Spoons Yogurt)

My mother told me not to hate anyone except the devil,
So trust me that I wrote this with a head that's level.
Of England or Chelsea fans, I'm not the least bit wary,
When I say I strongly dislike John Terry.

In 2001, he may have been young,
But that's no excuse for not controlling his tongue.
At a hotel he threw food and heckled stranded Americans.
The date this took place? It was on 9/11.

A captain for both club and country,
Terry has had the privilege of raising 13 Blues' trophies.
But how many more could his teams have won,
If their leader had not come undone?

Terry's Champions League Finals have not been great.
Missing the winning penalty in 2009 sealed Chelsea's fate.
And when the Blues won it in 2012, Terry was barred,
Due to angrily kneeing an opponent in the semifinal, resulting in a red card.

Is Terry a better husband than teammate?
According to "The Sun," the number of times he's cheated is eight.
Rendezvous with an underage woman, a heiress and model.
When it comes to adultery, Terry does not dawdle.

Though his wife, Toni, gave him twins,
They alone could not keep Terry from sins.
An affair with his wife's friend and teammate Wayne Bridge's ex,
Resulted in an aborted baby. Did Terry once consider the affects?

Terry's indiscretions caused problems for England,
With the Football Association stripping his captain's armband.
And now Terry's time with the Three Lions is through,
Assuming the racist comments he said to Ferdinand are true.

From urinating in public, to standing up supporters,
Terry's exploits have been a dream for tabloid reporters.
Besides murder, is there anything left?
Even Terry's dad was arrest for selling drugs. And his mom? Arrested for theft.

A leader? A captain? His enemies are mounting.
Wayne, Antoine, Rio and counting.
Terry thought he'd one-up the FA by bidding England adieu.
But forget England. I want him to retire from football, too.

Chris is a Waco, Texas, resident, Editor in Chief of MyBriefs.com, author of the book "Sports Briefs" and the adult writer for the Gab Four. Read more of Chris' solo columns here.

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