EPL Mascots

Due to promotion and relegation, England's Premier League boasts a yearly-changing collection of 20 of the liveliest mascots around, who like to stay active by leading their teams onto the pitch, hugging managers and aggravating opponents.

AFC Bournemouth
Name: Cherry
Species: Bear
Debuted: 2006
Sport's Opinion: "I'm a bit confused by Cherry Bear. Is he a bear or a dog? Is that his tongue hanging out, or is he eating a cherry? And why is he wearing a baseball hat? He doesn't look like he's the type that would be too upset if someone ate his porridge."

Arsenal FC
Name: Gunnersaurus Rex
Species: Dinosaur
Debuted: 1993
Sport's Opinion: "He's not very scary for a dinosaur. But I'm sure glad he's not colored purple. Maybe he's a herbivore."

Aston Villa FC
Name: Hercules
Species: Lion
Sport's Opinion: "With a name like Hercules, it sounds like Aston Villa's mascot is from Greece. But he's actually a Scottish lion, based on the Rampant Lion of Scotland in the club's crest. Although I'm not sure that lion had claret and blue highlights in their mane."

Chelsea FC
Name: Stamford
Species: Lion
Debuted: 1980
Sport's Opinion: "No teeth can't be good for a lion. Maybe he had dental problems. And his hair looks like he just woke up. But he seems to be in good spirits."

Crystal Palace FC
Name: Pete
Species: Eagle
Debuted: 1987
Sport's Opinion: "Pete's future is so bright, he has to wear his shades at night!"

Everton FC
Name: Changy
Species: Elephant
Sport's Opinion: "Why does a team nicknamed the Toffees have an elephant as their mascot? Changy is based on Everton's shirt-sponsor. I know elephants never forget, but Changy better hope Everton's former mascot, Mr. Toffee, does have a bad memory. He may have been upset after being replaced by an elephant."

Leicester City FC
Name: Filbert
Species: Fox
Debuted: 1992
Sport's Opinion: "Filbert's eyes definitely make me think he's crazy like a fox. But I bet he's really happy there are no hound mascots in the Premier League!"

Liverpool FC
Name: Mighty Red
Species: Liver Bird
Debuted: 2012
Sport's Opinion: "His big smile can only mean that he's happy that he doesn't have to eat livers. Gross!"

Manchester City FC
Name: Moonchester
Species: Alien
Debuted: 1996
Sport's Opinion: "Manchester City fans are happy that, even though Moonchester is from outer space, he comes around more often than once in a Blue Moon."

Manchester United FC
Name: Fred the Red
Species: Devil
Debuted: 1994
Sport's Opinion: "I've heard of fallen angels, so maybe Fred is a reformed devil. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt, unless he grows a goatee."

Newcastle United FC
Name: Monty
Species: Magpie
Sport's Opinion: "A big black bird with a beak that big is a little scary looking. And if Monty is anything like his cousins, Heckle and Jeckle, or the crows from 'Dumbo,' then he's probably pretty mischievous too."

Norwich City FC
Name: Captain Canary
Species: Canary
Sport's Opinion: "What a friendly and happy mascot! But it's no wonder Captain Canary is always cheerful. He's related to both Tweety Bird and 'the big canary,' Big Bird."

Southampton FC
Name: Sammy Saint
Species: Dog
Sport's Opinion: "Sammy is loveable, loyal and everyone's best friend, but why is Southampton's mascot a dog instead of a saint? Actually, Sammy's both . . . he's a Saint Bernard!"

Stoke City FC
Name: Pottermus
Species: Hippopotamus
Debuted: 1997
Sport's Opinion: "He is very friendly and is the only hippopotamus that I know. I wonder if he likes to play Hungry Hungry Hippos."

Sunderland AFC
Name: Samson
Species: Cat
Debuted: 1997
Sport's Opinion: "Black cats are supposed to be bad luck, but they have been bringing Sunderland good luck for years. Samson only has bug eyes because Sunderland's female mascot, Delilah, threatened to cut his hair."

Swansea City AFC
Name: Cyril
Species: Swan
Sport's Opinion: "For a swan he sure is mischievous. Cyril is 10-feet-tall, even with a crook neck. I guess he has to be somewhat scary to earn respect, since he is a Welsh swan in the English league."

Tottenham Hotspur FC
Name: Chirpy
Species: Cockerel
Sport's Opinion: "I learned that a cockerel is a rooster that is less than one year old. This must mean that Chirpy won't ever get old. He also has the same eyes and beak as Foghorn Leghorn, so they must be related."

Watford FC
Name: Harry
Species: Hornet
Debuted: 1995
Sport's Opinion: "I normally run from hornets, but Harry doesn't look very scary. He has a stinger, but it's pretty small. Watford are nicknamed the Hornets, but Harry makes me think of cereal. He looks like the Honey Nut Cheerios bee!"

West Bromwich Albion FC
Name: Baggie Bird
Species: Thrush
Sport's Opinion: "Thrushes are songbirds, and since soccer fans are known for singing, Baggie Bird is the perfect mascot for West Brom. That's why he wears baggy clothes. Have you ever tried singing while wearing tight clothes?"

West Ham United FC
Name: Hammerhead
Species: Hammer
Debuted: 2011
Sport's Opinion: "I bet I know what his favorite shark is. But I wonder if Hammerheard ever gets tired of people thinking he's Maxwell's silver hammer or singing 'If I Only Had a Hammer'?"

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  1. Leave it to the brits to have some fun and funny mascots


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