Happy Birthday! Sport Turns 5 Years Old

MyBriefs.com's underwear mascot, Sport, is celebrating his birthday today. He is 5 years old. Though Sport hasn't aged that much in the past five years, how many other pairs of unmentionables last that long?
Though MyBriefs.com launched in 2004, Sport wasn't born until 2008, shortly after the New York Giants defeated the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII. Sport made his first appearance with the Gab Four (read their debut column here), and during the past five years, Sport has seen three different Joes, one Chris, three Brads, two Ralphies and countless writers on MyBriefs' staff, known as the Tighty Whities, which he helped choose the name for.

The only underwear mascot known to man or briefs shares a birthday with such notables as Galileo, John Barrymore, Cesar Romero, Jane Seymour, Darrell Green and Jaromir Jagr, and Sport is also the most easily accessible one to sing "Happy Birthday" to.

Fellow mascots and journalists alike sent birthday wishes and tributes to Sport, via email, Facebook and Twitter, which proved to be much cheaper than sending cards. But no party would be complete without party favors.

Sign your name below in the "Post A Comment" section, and at 6 p.m. Central, Sport will draw some names to win prizes from Baskin-Robbins, On The Border, Panda Express and other highly sought-after commodities.

Rowdy, Dallas Cowboys mascot
"Happy birthday Sport!"

Joe, MyBriefs.com
"Hey Sport--Happy birthday from the old guy, Joe the Senior. I heard that Banana Joe wanted to send you a greeting, but he was too busy peeling and licking his trophy. Maybe you two can get together at next year's dog show."

Sir CC, Cleveland Cavaliers mascot
"I want to give a shout out to Sport. Happy 5th birthday buddy!"

Brad, MyBriefs.com
"I want to wish Sport a very Happy 5th Birthday! May your elastic stay strong and your rear remain 'streak free'! Here's wishing you get all the best seats at the games this year!"

Mighty Red, Liverpool FC mascot
"Happy 5th birthday! Have a good one."

David Grant, MyBriefs.com
"Happy birthday!!"

Raymond, Tampa Bay Rays mascot
"Happy early bday Sport!!!"

Orion Grove, MyBriefs.com
"Happy Birthday, to the best sports undershorts in the history of all sports! Have a good one." 

Spartacat, Ottawa Senators mascot
"Happy 5th bday Sport."

Ralphie, MyBriefs.com
"Hope nothing crappy happens to you on your birthday!!"

Haydon, AFC Wimbledon mascot
"Happy 5th birthday! I hope you are spoilt with lots of birthday hugs."

Christopher Wilson, MyBriefs.com
"The greatest testament to Sport is that he is a 5-year-old pair of underwear, and he has managed to avoid skid marks, holes and stretched elastic, all while keeping a smile on his face as this website's standard bearer. In fact, I've never seen him without a smile on his face. Not once. And while I know that he's somewhat embarrassed by having his birthday officially recognized for the first time publicly, Sport is grateful for birthday wishes and, most importantly, the cake."


  1. Replies
    1. Congrats, B Hudson, Sport is giving you a party favor! Email sportsbriefs@hotmail.com to claim your prize.

  2. Happy Birthday Sport!!!

    1. Congrats, Anthony, Sport is giving you a party favor! Email sportsbriefs@hotmail.com to claim your prize.

  3. Replies
    1. Congrats, JMK, Sport is giving you a party favor! Email sportsbriefs@hotmail.com to claim your prize.


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