Power Rankings: MLS Jerseys

Los Angeles Galaxy
Herbalife, Galaxy’s main sponsor, is displayed across the top. Pretty nice blue sash across the jersey.
Toronto FC
BMO is displayed across the top. Canada is very well represented by the red and white on the colors.
FC Dallas
Their jersey looks awesome with that new Advocare sponsor. That big “A” will probably have their fans thinking they’re watching the comic book heroes out there on the field, and who wouldn't enjoy that?
Philadelphia Union
Great idea not to have the center stripe down the back of the shirt, too: the guys can tell which way their teammates are facing. They really need to do something about the sponsorship, though.
Sporting Kansas City
Kansas has come a long way since the Great Charlie Brown Disaster of '98. This shirt is classy. Are those tire-tracks on the sleeves? Oh . . . no, never mind.
Portland Timbers
Alaska Airlines displayed on the top. Pine tree green like a forest describes the jersey.
Chivas USA
You can't go wrong with vertical stripes; it's the classic soccer look. Appropriately, for Chivas, the stripes are red and white . . . genius!
Real Salt Lake
The different colored sleeve makes you wonder if they ran out of fabric after redesigning a jersey that was originally destined for the basketball court.
New York Red Bulls
Nothing has really changed about their home jersey in a couple years; when you are the Red Bulls, do you really need to change? Their colors are not bright, but I'm sure they still use their wings and fly.
DC United
The black, red and white has not varied much since the team’s inception in 1996. And considering many MLS teams’ old jerseys looked to have been designed by the Electric Mayhem, United’s players should consider themselves fortunate.
Vancouver Whitecaps
White as a home jersey? Sooooo original.
Montreal Impact
Keeping in line with the most boring field play in the MLS, their jerseys remind you of a typical high school.
Colorado Rapids
Colorado’s home jersey is raging in a fury of purple. Their logo looks like a Star Wars emblem.
New England Revolution
They have a jersey sponsor, and their kits are conservative enough that no Puritan would object to wearing one.
Seattle Sounders
This is a you either love or hate those bright green jerseys. The jersey brings to mind a picture of Johnson flying through the air and heading a ball in the back of the net.
Houston Dynamo
It's bright; it's cheery . . . it's very orange. Makes me thirsty, just looking it.
San Jose Earthquakes
Theirs is one of a handful of sponsor-less, design-less jerseys which would probably look better with a food stain on the front.
Columbus Crew
You can see it from a mile away, and your TV makes it look orange, but it's relatively original.
Chicago Fire
They seem so completely outdated. They actually have a collar on their jersey. If this is to show respect for their sponsor, Quaker, I can see why they would have a collar.

The Power Rankings are compiled by MyBriefs staff writers Joseph Laguerre, Franklin Lee, Graham J. Noble, Tyler Pisani and Christopher Wilson and are sponsored by Panda Express.

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