Sports Briefs: ConVincing the NFL

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Chris: I promise I’m not biased. The fact that I have eaten at Vince Young's restaurant, follow him on Twitter, would happily do his yard work for free and consider him my favorite college player ever has completely no bearing on my opinion that he has been purposefully ostracized from the NFL. In fact, as soon as an NFL team receives his impressive resume, it probably gets folded into a paper airplane.

Ralphie: I don't think he should get to play in the NFL anymore. He had his chance, and he messed it up.

Brad: He had a good college career and looked to have potential to be a great NFL player. I think he let the money that came along with being an up and coming rookie star lead him down a very immature path off the field.

Chris: I blame the Tennessee fiasco on Jeff Fisher's mustache and its ability to provide a tickling sensation, leading to follicle distractions on the sidelines. And Young’s lack of success in Philadelphia and Buffalo can easily be attributed to the John Madden video game cover curse.

Brad: I think he was taking his anger and frustrations out on Fisher and that Fisher had a job to do and Young had a choice and did not choose well.

Ralphie: I think he was very disrespectful to Jeff Fisher in Tennessee. I think the problems were almost all Vince Young's fault.

Brad: He was given a great opportunity and had a good start to it. He even had a good comeback in 2009. How many more chances is it going to take? I think chances should be earned and not taken for granted, like so many of these players do. It should be about playing a game that you love and playing your hardest.

Ralphie: I think Vince Young has a bad temper and doesn't really admit that some of his problems are really his fault.

Chris: I am hoping Young’s apology letter to Coach Fisher is effective, assuming he picked out good stationary to write it on and remembered to put a stamp on it. Nothing would enrage Coach Fisher more than receiving an apology letter that had postage due.

Ralphie: It's good that he wrote an apology letter to Jeff Fisher, but I don't think he's really sorry. I think he is just trying to get back into the NFL.

Brad: I think it was a gesture of good manners to send an apology; however, I don't think it should have anything to do with Young playing again or trying to play. There are players who are all in for the game and have been working hard their entire careers thru school to get a shot in the NFL. They should not be pushed aside for someone who didn't take their first chance seriously. He seems to blame all his off-field distractions on his behavior and game play. Come on, who doesn't have distractions in their lives?

Chris: Vince Young's financial problems are the result of being duped, mostly likely by a USC, Oklahoma or Texas A&M graduate seeking revenge. An interesting fact to drop at dinner parties is the Longhorns’ all-time record against A&M in football is 76-37-5.

Ralphie: He's going back to college now, and that's good. He should just focus on getting good grades and find a job.

Chris: The fact that the University of Texas is allowing Young to participate at their Pro Day in front of NFL scouts gives him the opportunity to disguise himself. One pair of eyeglasses and one fake mustache later, and Young can refer to himself as Zeus Sanders, who is finishing up a 10-year plan to get his bachelor’s degree and was randomly seen playing touch football and invited by Mack Brown to try out.

Ralphie: I think that Vince Young's actions may have blackballed him from the NFL. He should have felt blessed to be there, and instead, he just acted like a spoiled brat.

Brad: I think if he was, then it was deserved.

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