Power Rankings: Famous Greens

Jolly Green Giant
The single reason we all ate our vegetables as children.
Green Lantern
This is an easy pick; he is a superhero. He is such a great superhero that he has been done by Hollywood. He also has a great comic book, as well.
Al Green
American singer best known in the ‘70s. Signature song is “Let's Stay Together.”
A.C. Green
His most noteworthy accomplishment is either playing the most consecutive NBA games in history or managing to remain likeable, despite playing for the Lakers. He also apparently went to the same barbershop in the ‘80s as Jules Winnfield.
Ahman Green
Green Bay Packers’ all-time leading rusher. Twelve-year veteran of the NFL.
Jeff Green
Drafted by the Celtics, then sent to Seattle, then packed up in a U-Haul and driven to Oklahoma City by Clay Bennett, then sent back to Boston, full circle.
Red Green
He’s either the Canadian Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor, or Taylor is the American Red Green. He single-handedly kept the duct tape industry afloat. And how many arguments have been both spared or caused by men following Red’s advice, such as, “If the women don’t find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.”
A.J. Green
Wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals, out of Georgia. Eighteen career TDs . . . so far!
Trent Green
A 15-year quarterback whose career highlight was understudying for Super Bowl-winning Kurt Warner.
Shawn Green
He was a great power hitter and all-around player for four different teams in MLB. This contributed to him being a two-time All-Star and also winning a Silver Slugger award and Gold Glove.

The Power Rankings are compiled by MyBriefs staff writers Joseph Laguerre, Franklin Lee, Graham J. Noble, Tyler Pisani and Christopher Wilson and are sponsored by Panda Express.

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