Power Rankings: Famous Pauls

Paul Revere
What can you say about the man who warned our country that the BRITISH ARE COMING!!! He has to be the most historically recognizable figure in American history. He is one of our original founding fathers.
Paul McCartney
Former Beatle with a long and patchy solo career. Now looks like an old lady.
Paul Allen
Cofounder of Microsoft. Worth $15 billion as of Sept. 2012. Current owner of NBA's Portland Trail Blazers, NFL's Seattle Seahawks and part owner of MLS’s Seattle Sounders.
Paul Newman
Famous Hollywood actor turned into enterprising food mogul. His movies were great, but his salad dressing may end up being his legacy. He is without a doubt an American icon who will always be remembered.
Paul Simon
A truly fascinating man, who was never truly happy after he left his childhood friend Art Garfunkel in the ‘80s.
Chris Paul
Point guard for the Los Angeles Clippers. Co-leader of Lob City and twin of State Farm agent Cliff Paul.
Paul Brown
Brown has dramatically influenced two NFL franchises. The good news: he was one franchise’s first coach, whose team is named after him, and he helped found the other franchise, whose stadium is named after him. The bad news: those franchises are the Browns and Bengals.
Paul Hogan
He may be Crocodile Dundee to most people, but his voice was the first to utter what may be the single most backhandedly stereotypical remark in history: "Throw anotha' shrimp on the barby."
Paul Rubens
Pee-wee would have ranked much higher 20 years ago, due to having his own robot, genie and puppet band. Time, though, has deteriorated the playhouse, and Chairry has had to be reupholstered.
Paul Scholes
Manchester United midfielder who also represented his country in 66 international matches.

The Power Rankings are compiled by MyBriefs staff writers Joseph Laguerre, Franklin Lee, Graham J. Noble, Tyler Pisani and Christopher Wilson and are sponsored by Panda Express.

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