Power Rankings: MLB Hats

Arizona Diamondbacks
The Sedona Red with diamondback snake in the shape of a “D” is arguably the most well-designed logo and cap in MLB. I'd wear this, and I'm not even a fan!
Atlanta Braves
Trademark script, white letter “A.” Dark background and red bill.
New York Mets
The “NY” is typical orange with blue background.
Seattle Mariners
A classy logo, with the marine compass in the center of the “S,” in sea-foam green and white on a navy blue cap.
Texas Rangers
A symmetrical “T” on a baseball hat looks sharp, though it would be beyond interesting to see the Rangers play in actual cowboy hats.
Los Angeles Angels
An “A” with a halo? Seriously? . . . and that color-scheme is too monotone.
New York Yankees
Very traditional; I think it might be time to upgrade.
Boston Red Sox
Seeing as how the team has worn a “B” on their caps since 1933, the argument to have a pair of red socks, "RS" or a bean on the hat must not be a compelling one.
Toronto Blue Jays
Probably a good thing that the Blue Jays didn't go with letters! The bird and maple leaf on royal blue works very well.
Chicago Cubs
Does the “C” stand for “Chicago” or “Cubs”? Actually, both. There are two C’s: a red one inside a white one. You see what they did there?
Detroit Tigers
Old English, white letter “D” and navy background.
Miami Marlins
One of the most original caps. But still a seemingly retro design.
Chicago White Sox
Fancy Old English letters “SOX” in white with a black background.
Oakland Athletics
Oakland’s is the only safe hat to wear on St. Patrick’s Day to avoid getting pinched.
Colorado Rockies
Colorado's attempt at a logo representing the Rocky Mountains was pretty unimaginative. Good thing they stuck with the letters!
Minnesota Twins
I know it's a Twin Cities thing (is it?), but the “T” and “C” logo doesn't do it for me. Where's the creativity?
Washington Nationals
Script “W” in white with red background.
San Francisco Giants
If there is one baseball hat acceptable to wear on Halloween, the Giants’ black and orange is the choice of ghosts and goblins.
St. Louis Cardinals
Letters “STL” in white with Cardinal Red background.
Houston Astros
They officially joined the American League, and now maybe they can retire the star and bring on a more original cap.
Milwaukee Brewers
A stalk of wheat does look more classy on a cap as a tribute to their nickname than a mug would.
Baltimore Orioles
A bird instead of letters. Stands out in a crowd.
Tampa Bay Rays
Wish they would replace the letters with a ray. Make it the most exciting part of the whole club.
Los Angeles Dodgers
Letters “LA” in white with an awesome blue background.
Pittsburgh Pirates
Golden Old English letter “P” with black background.
San Diego Padres
Very distinct lettering makes it recognizable, even if most casual fans can't identify it.
Cincinnati Reds
ONE GIANT LETTER????? Yep, sounds like a baseball cap.
Philadelphia Phillies
At least they went with just the “P” on the cap, rather than “Phillies,” which looks and sounds like the logo of a family-dining restaurant franchise.
Kansas City Royals
Be thankful a Nike uniform revolution has not hit Major League Baseball like it has the NFL. The Royals would be wearing purple and gold hats.
Cleveland Indians
It takes more than unpopularity to wipe the smile off Chief Wahoo’s face.

The Power Rankings are compiled by MyBriefs staff writers Joseph Laguerre, Graham J. Noble, Tyler Pisani and Christopher Wilson and are sponsored by Panda Express.

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