Power Rankings: Space Aliens

He’s kind of a big deal. Superman is a cultural icon of the United States and helped create the superhero genre. Yet, never let his fame get in the way of saving our lovely planet.
Known for uttering one of the most iconic movie quotes of all time. He is also solely responsible for the popularity of Reese's Pieces.
Marvin the Martian
Debuted in 1948 as a new foil to Bugs Bunny. His uniform is based on the Roman god Mars. Unlike the other villains in Warner Bros., he is actually pretty smart and fairly competent.
ALF is the only known extraterrestrial to have gone to high school for 107 years. He is not the prettiest sight, and has an awful diet which consists mainly of cats.
The Great Gazoo
Always recognizable by his oversized green head. After being banished from his home planet for creating a doomsday device, he became an earthly troublemaker for Barney and Fred.
The Houston Astros' mascot from 1990-2000 who was reintroduced this season. He is kind of light greenish and has antennae that have baseballs as tips. His name came from Houston's association with NASA.
Mascot of Manchester City Football Club. Sports mascots are an American thing. The idea of a British football club having a mascot is just plain silly.
I think Cozmo could be the best mascot in MLS. His club is a four-time MLS Cup champion and reigning back-to-back champions. He commands the attention of his fans and is their favorite part of the game, with exception of those guys on the field who steal his camera time.
"My Hero" was a British sitcom about a health food store owner who is really an alien with superhuman powers. Sad to see Ardal O'Hanlon go from the hilarious "Father Ted" to this, which was barely funny at all.
Yip Yips
Okay, to be completely honest, I did watch “Sesame Street” when I was a kid, but my favorite on there was Groucho and the Count. This is nothing against Yip Yips, but they just didn’t hold my attention at that age.

The Power Rankings are compiled by MyBriefs staff writers Joseph Laguerre, Franklin Lee, Brandon Meyers, Graham J. Noble and Tyler Pisani and are sponsored by Panda Express.

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