Power Rankings: All-Star Games

Major League Baseball
MLB has to be No. 1. Baseball is America’s national pastime, period. So its All-Star has to be tops for all the All-Star games out there. Not to mention they have the Home Run Derby; how cool is that.
National Basketball Association
Exciting play from the game’s best against seemingly no defense. It has its ups and downs.
The Hunger Games
It’s hard to beat the thrill of a televised battle to the death.
Super Mario All-Stars
Being a kid of the ‘80s, I love me some Super Mario. I can’t help but love their All-Star games.
Major League Soccer
MLS is a surprise pick here, because MLS is gaining strength and popularity in the US. Their All-Star team also plays against a European powerhouse for their game match, which is awesome in itself.
One has the appreciate the fact that Scooby-Doo, Yogi Bear, Muttley or none of the other cartoon stars refuse to participate, either due to a suspect injury or simply because they’re pouting after a loss. Roger Goodell should take note that Hanna and Barbera know how to run an All-Star game better than he does.
National Hockey League
High scoring and little suspense. If you like goals, though, you'll be more than satisfied.
Back to the good ol’ basics of driving . . . and speed, lots and lots of speed.
Pro Bowl
Glorified exhibition held the week before the Super Bowl. Perennials who are disappointed in a playoff loss, participating in the Super Bowl, or are injured usually skip the event.
PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
It isn't a bad rip-off of Super Smash Brothers. Characters from a variety of PlayStation favorites, such as God of War, Tekken, Devil May Cry and a bunch of others, are included.

The Power Rankings are compiled by MyBriefs staff writers Joseph Laguerre, Franklin Lee, Brandon Meyers and Christopher Wilson and are sponsored by Panda Express.

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