Power Rankings: English Premier League Crests

Manchester United FC
It's hard to not rank the reigning champs near the top, as their logo is known around the world and is associated with winning. Red Devils, indeed.
Manchester City FC
An eagle, a ship and three stripes representing the three rivers in Manchester are much more pleasing on the eyes than, for instance, a badge featuring Moonchester saying, “I come in peace.”
Newcastle United FC
Newcastle’s two seahorses represent the city’s seaside location and seem to be a nice compromise between two beach bums or two Krakens.
Tottenham Hotspur FC
Tottenham is a favorite of mine.  I mean, who won’t like a rooster sitting on a soccer ball? Simple and very clean design, and less is more.
Liverpool FC
Liverpool has a liver bird in the center of its crest with some pretty cool torches on each side; and I love their motto “You’ll never walk alone.”
Crystal Palace FC
New to the Premier League this season, Crystal Palace bring with them an awesomely slick logo. Love the Eagle.
Arsenal FC
Yes, they're well known. Yes, the cannon is a play on words. However, this logo is one of the few that could actually be confused for something else (like a place that holds artillery).
Chelsea FC
It’s apparent that one of England’s Three Lions is a Chelsea supporter. However, the lion in this crest seems to have a massive crick in its neck and needs the assistance of a walking cane.
Swansea City AFC
What else would they be but the Swans? A simple and elegant logo does them justice.
Aston Villa FC
Aston Villa has a great symbol of the lion and the word “prepared” under it. It gives the feel that they are ready for anything and will fight to the end.
Sunderland AFC
A foreign language on a crest seems to be a good way to confuse opponents. Sunderland’s black cats must speak Latin, with the phrase on the badge meaning “In pursuit of excellence.” Though will they change this phrase should they eventually achieve excellence?
West Ham United FC
That’s not just any castle featured in West Ham’s symmetrical crest. It’s the Boleyn Castle, as in Anne Boleyn, as in the beheaded Queen of England.
Everton FC
Everton has Prince Rupert’s Tower fixed in the middle of their crest with the name and year of club established for all to see. The tower is a symbol from the founding days of the club and still cool.
Cardiff City FC
Even Cardiff City supporters defy their own crest. Seeing as how they refer to their team as the Bluebirds, fans have not taken well to the new badge featuring a big red dragon, who looks poised to eventually step on the bluebird.
Southampton FC
Southampton has a lot going on with a tree, water, flower and a nice soccer ball with halo around it. It has too many items to describe, but is original to be sure.
Hull City AFC
They have the most American-looking crest in the Premier League. And if Zack Morris had a favorite club, this would be it. In fact, Hull could completely pilfer Bayside’s logo, and no one would complain.
West Bromwich Albion FC
Depending on one’s perspective, West Brom’s badge could also double as a menu, seeing as how Baggie Bird may appear appetizing to certain other EPL teams’ mascots.
Norwich City FC
The juxtaposition of the bird with the other elements doesn't quite do it, and the green and yellow shows that there's just too much going on in this crest.
Stoke City FC
Mr. Peppermint may be the only person who considers Stoke’s crest to be a delight to the senses.
Fulham FC
Generic. Bland. Completely unimaginative. Boring. Fulham’s logo would look good on a baseball hat, but that’s it.

The Power Rankings are compiled by MyBriefs staff writers Franklin Lee, Ankur Varma and Christopher Wilson and are sponsored by Panda Express.

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