Sports Briefs: 2013 College Football Top 20 Anticipations

(Since The Associated Press, USA Today and ESPN are blocking Joe, Chris, Brad and Ralphie's borderline harassive phone calls, regarding their quadrivial request to vote in those organizations' respective college football polls, the Gab Four have instead created their own poll . . . Sponsored by 3 Spoons Yogurt)

Ralphie: The No. 20 anticipation is about seeing Auburn's new quarterback.

Brad: The No. 19 anticipation would be to see every Towson student at every game cheering on their Tigers, since the cheerleaders were suspended.

Chris: The No. 18 anticipation is to see if Lennay Kekua rebounds with another player for Notre Dame, or if she’s too frustrated with long-distance relationships and decides to pursue someone at Stanford.

Joe: The No. 17 anticipation is how will the new SEC coaches do this year. Coaches at Arkansas, Tennessee, and Auburn will be trying to crack the established perennial winners circle.

Ralphie: The No. 16 anticipation is about seeing great college plays.

Brad: The No. 15 anticipation would be the OSU Cowboys upsetting the OU Sooners.

Chris: The No. 14 anticipation is finding out whether the money Johnny Manziel made from signing autographs will cover the cost of all his college textbooks.

Joe: The No. 13 anticipation is will Notre Dame be able to repeat its top 5 finish. They lost key contributors but reloaded with a good recruiting class.

Ralphie: The No. 12 anticipation is about seeing what crazy things the mascots do.

Brad: The No. 11 anticipation would be seeing Pitt do well as an ACC school.

Chris: The No. 10 anticipation is the one incoming freshmen will feel upon entering the school cafeteria for the first time and discovering the unlimited supply of both white and chocolate milk dispersed from the silver cow.

Joe: The No. 9 anticipation is who will win the Pac-12 championship? Will it be Oregon or Stanford? Will the winner go to the National Championship game or be the runner-up at third place?

Ralphie: The No. 8 anticipation is about seeing the crazy fans.

Brad: The No. 7 anticipation would be Bama finishing on top.

Chris: The No. 6 anticipation is seeing how long before Bobby Petrino is accused of pitchin’ woo to a Western Kentucky co-ed and if he will one day chronicle his experiences in a book entitled “The Art of Attracting Women Young Enough to Be Your Granddaughter.”

Joe: The No. 5 anticipation is who will challenge Johnny Manziel for the Heisman? Will his off the field issues be a distraction? Will the loss of key offensive linemen hold him back? It will be exciting to see who are the best players in the nation.

Ralphie: The No. 4 anticipation is about seeing Auburn have a good year!

Brad: The No. 3 anticipation would be to see Jadeveon Clowney succeed in winning the Heisman Trophy.

Chris: The No. 2 anticipation is the one all scholars dread, as they are approached on campus by a 6’6”, 300-pound lineman, hoping he is not intent on pilfering their homework assignment, erasing their name and writing his own in its place, but is simply wanting to know directions to the Math Building.

Joe: The No. 1 anticipation is will someone dethrone Alabama or the SEC and who will it be. Will Texas A&M be able to beat Bama in College Station? Or will LSU get them this year? Or will Alabama win the West, and lose to Georgia in the SEC Championship game? Or will Alabama go the National Championship game and lose to Ohio State or Oregon? It will be a fun season with plenty of surprises, new stars emerging, and new challengers for the Heisman. Let's tee it up and see what happens.

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