Power Rankings: NFL Helmets

Detroit Lions
Yes, this helmet has been associated with bad times in Detroit City. Stafford and Megatron are trying to bring this team back to glory and honor the Blue and Silver.
Oakland Raiders
Sometimes you just never know if one of the players will pull one of those swords and use it.
New Orleans Saints
Gold helmet with a saint symbol. One of the oldest in football.
New York Giants
For a team that has won a couple Super Bowls recently, the helmet doesn't do much for me. Yes, it's classic, but it's unoriginal and boring.
Houston Texans
What a longhorn looks like when hit in the head with a really large hammer.
Indianapolis Colts
Indianapolis has that great horseshoe that should symbolize the strength of their team’s QB legacy. Classic symbol for a classic franchise!
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Pirate flag to represent the Buccaneers. It’s no Black Pearl, but it is still pretty cool.
Atlanta Falcons
Dirty bird. The black and red is a nice mix, I can’t lie.
Seattle Seahawks
Seattle and their seahawk, I’m not quite sure I have ever seen or heard of a real seahawk, but it makes for a cool design on the helmet.
Carolina Panthers
Cool teal and blue panther with a silver background.
Jacksonville Jaguars
Coolest looking background for the worst team in football. Golden yellow jaguar on a black background.
Denver Broncos
Personally, I miss the orange crush. This 90's upgrade is a white horse with an orange mane with a dark blue background.
San Diego Chargers
It’s a lightning bolt, which I believe symbolizes how quickly their hopes disappear each year.
Green Bay Packers
The legendary “G” with the cheesy yellow background.
Baltimore Ravens
It could be worse; they could go back to the ugly “B” or just put two black wings on there and get us confused with the Eagles, but overall, it’s a nice logo. The red bird’s eye scares me, though.
Pittsburgh Steelers
White circle with the Steelers name and three stars to represent the Allegheny, Manongahela, and the Ohio Rivers.
St. Louis Rams
The gold horns get the point across. Don't mess with the Rams.
Dallas Cowboys
Dallas has the big star on their helmet: perfect for the biggest state and “America’s Team.”
Cincinnati Bengals
The stripes and colors are unique, and this is one of the few helmets that doesn't simply have a logo on either side.
Miami Dolphins
New logo, new year: Dolphins will be playing inspired.
San Francisco 49ers
The “SF” is certainly better than some of the alternatives I’ve seen, so let’s be thankful for where we are now. Fortunately, since the logo isn’t broken, they haven’t tried to fix it.
Kansas City Chiefs
An arrowhead for the team that plays at Arrowhead. Nice, but maybe something new is needed to get the Chiefs out of the pits of the NFL.
Buffalo Bills
Buffalo’s racing bison also gives credit to the list of great running backs that have come through that storied franchise over the years.
Minnesota Vikings
Don’t you just kind of want to see the Viking head logo just once on the helmet? Just to see what it might be like?
Chicago Bears
Just the letter “C.” It’s pretty boring to say the least.
New York Jets
It’s kind of weak and boring, like their team.
New England Patriots
New England’s current design is a great improvement over their old patriot hiking a football that is well-remembered by most of us AFC fans.
Philadelphia Eagles
Philadelphia’s eagle is a great screaming design that takes to life when they get a wide receiver on a breakout route.
Washington Redskins
Some fine detail. Enjoy it before they become the Potomac River Football Carriers and the logo looks like the Heisman trophy.
Arizona Cardinals
Cardinals fans are waiting for the team to match the attitude of the fierce bird on the helmet.
Tennessee Titans
There was no place to go but down after they dumped the old Oilers logo.
Cleveland Browns
No imagination, a lot like their offense.

The Power Rankings are compiled by MyBriefs staff writers David Grant, Joseph Laguere, Franklin Lee, Brandon Meyers and Ankur Varma and are sponsored by Panda Express.

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