Sports Briefs: Breaking Bud

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Chris: Upon Bud Selig’s retirement, I would like to be the first to wish him much happiness. I plan on sending him a card, maybe throwing a surprise party in his honor. Granted, January 2015 is over a year away, but if Bud has already decided when to retire, then he’s practically already retired (to quote every athlete who's ever contemplated retirement). So if Bud were to go ahead and decide to step down after this season or even tomorrow, I would not want to deny that man any pleasure. I’ll be ready to organize a party at a moment’s notice.

Brad: Bud Selig has done some good things while commissioner, but overall he took away the old-fashion love of the game.

Joe: Bud has done a very good job overall in continuing to make baseball a very profitable business.

Ralphie: I think Bob Selig has done a pretty good job as baseball commissioner.

Chris: I first became aware of Bud during the 1994 strike’s pregame festivities. Bud represented the owners, and Donald Fehr represented the players (Fehr later went on to represent the NHL players and help cause the 2012 lockout). These two exuded the class and dignity that could only be found by watching a used car salesman and a lawyer wrestle in a tub of Jell-O. However, their negotiations successfully prevented fans from having to spend inordinate amounts of money on 1994 World Series tickets. Those men knew that only one team could have won the championship, leaving all the other clubs and their fans downtrodden, so they managed to avoid a crisis by altogether canceling over 900 games, the playoffs and the World Series.

Brad: I think it's time to hand the reins over to someone new. Someone new may be able to build on the good things Selig started and bring back the heart of the sport.

Ralphie: One of the good things he has done is build lots more ballparks. He has also helped MLB make a lot more money.

Joe: Made money, made the playoffs more competitive and plentiful, and made some strides in addressing gambling, PEDs, and off the field crimes.

Brad: Among his accomplishments are revitalizing the sport with new ballparks and reaching more fans thru technology.

Ralphie: One of the bad things Selig has done is not getting rid of steroids. When people use steroids, it makes the game of baseball look bad.

Chris: The only other person named Bud in the National Baseball Hall of Fame was jointly inducted alongside his comedy team partner, Lou. I can think of no better tribute for Bud Selig than to be inducted alongside Donald Fehr. They can even share the same plaque, which will hopefully be hung directly above the urinals in the men’s restroom.

Brad: Unfortunately, he was not able to completely rid the MLB of drug use, and he made America's Pastime into another sport that's all about money.

Joe: Did not get out front of the PED issue, and it has hurt baseball.

Ralphie: It's probably a good idea for him to move on. He's been the commissioner for 21 years, and that's a long time to be in the same job. It's a good idea to get somebody new with some good ideas into MLB.

Chris: Seeing as how Bud denied he was serving as baseball commissioner for six years (after Fay Vincent retired in 1992), announced he was retiring in 2009 (only to continue working) and announced he was retiring in 2012 (only to continue working), I don’t feel the utmost confidence of Bud not locking himself in his office and chaining himself to his desk the moment the 2014 season ends.

Joe: He has had a long and good career, and it’s time for a new leader.

Ralphie: I'd like to see George W. Bush as the next baseball commissioner. He's already owned the Texas Rangers and been the president of our country. I think he'd do a great job.

Brad: I guess Rob Manfred, although I'm not too thrilled about any of the potential candidates.

Joe: Mitt Romney and Cal Ripken are good candidates. I would vote for Romney.

Chris: I haven’t seen the job posting yet on, but as long as any of the applicants for the next baseball commissioner don’t look like Bud Selig with glasses and a fake mustache, then I plan on throwing my full support behind whoever gets the nomination. I have equal feelings for all the candidates. You could say they’re tied. Sort of like the 2002 All-Star Game.

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