Thanksgiving: Is There Something We're Missing?

(By David Grant)

Thanksgiving. What does it mean, really? We all say we are thankful for our health, family and friends. And of course we are. But what it really should mean to us is that we are taking time to reaffirm that we are, in fact, ascending to one common goal as a family. Our different backgrounds, experiences and challenges have molded us into what we are about, given us insight in to who we are, and maybe, more importantly, defined our convictions.

These life experiences have allowed us to come together collectively, honestly, and with unconditional acceptance and have strengthened our resolve to make our environment better for ourselves and our children. These things, and the responsibility to carry on, are what we leave behind. This is the legacy that is the meaning of family. It is what our children will hold on to when we are gone and what they will pass on to their children.

You see, Thanksgiving isn’t about the day, or the food, or even that we are healthy and happy or the material things that we use on this Earth. It’s about what got us to where we are, where we will go from here and how we will get there. Family is about taking care of one another in our own unique and honorable way. It’s about facing whatever comes our way together, as a family, undivided in strength and united in a common goal. This goal, the one that binds us together, is woven in to everything we do, or we’re not a family at all. We’re just a bunch of people eating turkey on a Thursday in November.

David Grant is a former NCAA official and currently resides in southern California. He is the site's NFL Briefs writer.

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