Power Rankings: NBA Road Jerseys

Phoenix Suns
It’s difficult to keep from staring into these Suns’ jerseys. After numerous designs the past few years, this variation of their purple road uniforms has not looked this pretty since the version Charles Barkley tried to fit into.
Miami Heat
The black away jerseys are fitting, as Miami has become the “Evil Empire” of the NBA.
Golden State Warriors
The NBA’s most unique jersey, which is the only one to feature the team’s logo front and center.
Boston Celtics
The Celtic green is synonymous with greatness.
Indiana Pacers
The Pacers blue looks old school, but it’s a good look when you’re winning.
Cleveland Cavaliers
Not only did the Cavaliers’ team downgrade after losing LeBron James, but their road jerseys are not as stylish now as when James was in town.
Chicago Bulls
The Bulls’ red jerseys have not changed since the 1980s, for which Michael Jordan can be thanked for not only keeping them in style but making them one of the NBA’s classic designs.
San Antonio Spurs
All black away jerseys for the last real dynasty in the league.
Houston Rockets
Thank you, Houston Rockets, for going with a stylish and simple red and white jersey and hopefully burning every remnant of the navy blue, pinstriped jerseys with the cartoon logo from the late ‘90s.
Washington Wizards
The Wizards proved that it is possible to take an ugly Bullets’ uniform design from the past, one which makes players look like either giant candy canes or barber shop poles, and make it indescribably hip.
Sacramento Kings
Purple is the color of royalty, and the Kings’ purple uniforms have been one of the few things to cheer about recently in Sacramento.
New York Knicks
The Knicks have tinkered with their blue and orange jerseys in recent years, most likely in an effort to keep Spike Lee happy.
Portland Trail Blazers
The classic Blazers look of black, red, and white.
Toronto Raptors
Toronto’s is just a great design that needs no improvement.
Denver Nuggets
Denver’s is kind of just a cosmic design that makes me thankful that they have home games.
Los Angeles Lakers
The purple and gold always looks good, but with these injuries, they should sport black and blue.
Los Angeles Clippers
The LA Clippers’ are a great design that I enjoy looking at while they destroy their opponents.
Oklahoma City Thunder
Could be so much better. Their blue jerseys look like a generic prototype created on a video game.
Philadelphia 76ers
Philly and brotherly love. I would hope that they update their away jerseys to match their city someday.
New Orleans Pelicans
Looks like a royal blue background with a little gold “New Orleans” written in white.
Dallas Mavericks
Dull, boring away jerseys.
Brooklyn Nets
Brooklyn’s away jerseys are about is classic as their ownership intended . . . just classy.
Detroit Pistons
Blue background with the “Detroit” in red with white outline.
Charlotte Bobcats
This is the last year that we will see these. Simple “Charlotte” in white with the navy background.
Milwaukee Bucks
While the Bucks should be commended for ditching the purple and reverting back to green jerseys with red trim, one cannot help but imagine this is the jersey of choice for Santa Claus during pickup games.
Utah Jazz
Looking like the old school Jazz sporting the white, purple and gold. “Jazz” looks pretty sweet. Retro is good.
Minnesota Timberwolves
Minnesota’s away jersey is about as cold as their winter weather . . . burrrrrrrrrrrr.
Atlanta Hawks
The Atlanta Hawks have no business having a navy blue road uniform. It should be red, and it should look like something Dominique Wilkins and Spud Webb would be tempted to wear.
Memphis Grizzlies
The blue is acceptable, considering Memphis is known for their blues music. But since the town is not known for an overwhelming population of grizzly bears, the team name somewhat throws the jersey design off.
Orlando Magic
These jerseys are a little plain and boring, but they’re a nice blue.

The Power Rankings are compiled by MyBriefs staff writers Joseph Laguerre, Franklin Lee, Brandon Meyers and Christopher Wilson and are sponsored by Panda Express.


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