Sports Briefs: The Best Shooting Guard Ever

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Chris: He may not be the best owner ever, he may not have been the best director of basketball operations ever and he may not have grown the best mustache ever, but aside from his former teammate Bugs Bunny, Michael Jordan is the best shooting guard ever. 

Ralphie: Michael Jordan is the best shooting guard ever because he won more championships than anyone else.

Joe: Michael Jordan was probably the greatest basketball player ever from a winning championships standpoint. He was highly competitive and win-oriented and wanted the ball when the game was on the line. Michael was great but not the greatest shooting guard.

Brad: The best shooting guard ever is Michael Jordan because he is a hard-working, determined player who is good at his game and has the stats to back it up.

Joe: Pete Maravich was one of kind. Pistol Pete Maravich was the best shooting guard ever because he could score, pass and handle the ball like no one else. One of the truly unstoppable guys to play the game. Pete was an awesome 3-point shooter before there WAS A 3-POINT LINE. It was introduced in his last year, and he shot 67 percent from 3. He would have had many more points if the 3s counted three back then. Pete was recognized with the following honors: 

- basketball Hall of Fame 
- five-time NBA All-Star
- All-Rookie Team
- four-time All-NBA selection 

Above all, Pistol Pete was the most entertaining player of his era. His unbelievable passes and shots were jaw-dropping. RIP, Pistol Pete.

Brad: Pete Maravich is a good player, definitely a 3-point shot king, but he doesn't have that greatest player whole picture.

Chris: Rather than criticizing Maravich, even though he only made the playoffs in four of his 10 seasons, I’ll instead consider him a point guard, since this is what my NBA 2K9 video game lists him as. This classification of Maravich’s video game likeness helped generate incentive and inspiration to abandon set plays and instead focus on taking as many shots as possible to point guards Allen Iverson, Derrick Rose, Russell Westbrook and maybe even Rick Brunson. 

Ralphie: Pete Maravich is not the best shooting guard ever because even though he was a great shooter, he just wasn't a championship player.

Brad: I can rank Kobe Bryant up with MJ, but he misses that greatest status in my opinion because he has more of an entitled attitude toward the game than pure greatness.

Joe: Kobe Bryant is a great talent and superb shooting guard. His injuries and off the court issues have taken away from his accomplishments. Great, but not the greatest.

Chris: Kobe Bryant has amassed five championships, numerous scoring records and seems intent on imitating Michael Jordan to the point of uncomfortably stalking Kevin Bacon, hoping he'll record a series of Hanes underwear commercials with him. However, had Kobe been found guilty of more than just pitchin' woo in Eagle, Colo., he may have eventually become the best shooting guard ever on a prison basketball team. 

Ralphie: Kobe Bryant isn't the best shooting guard ever because . . . well, Michael Jordan.

Joe: Oscar Robertson was a winner. He was the best of his time in college and the NBA. The "Big O" will always be a star and great player. He was not in the same league with Pistol Pete Maravich as a shooting guard.

Brad: Oscar Robertson was an amazing player who could score, but he is more of an all-around big force in the game, rather than the greatest shooting guard.

Chris: I suppose I should call my cable provider to request NBA TV, concerning rumors of Pete Maravich and Oscar Robertson being good basketball players. According to still pictures, Robertson may have been Chuck Norris in disguise, given his ability to simultaneously do the splits and dislocate someone’s jaw when going up for a rebound. Robertson is clearly the best ballet ninja ever.

Ralphie: Oscar Robinson is not the best shooting guard ever because even though he was a great player, he just couldn't beat Michael Jordan.

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