Sports Briefs: Famous Jameis Knows

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Chris: Given Jameis Winston’s ability to succeed in different arenas, superior talents, vast marketability and burgeoning appetite (I just said “burgeoning”), I think he has a solid chance to succeed in something other than football. Famous Jameis Cookies could possibly knock Famous Amos off the shelves in most grocery stores.

Joe: I think it is a great idea for promoting the person Jameis Winston and FSU. I think the publicity will benefit both, and Jameis keeps his options open for pro careers. He will never have to wonder.

Ralphie: I think he's brave to try both sports, but I don't think it's a very good idea in the long run. I think he should choose one or the other.

Brad: As a two-sport player myself, I think he is fine playing both. He is getting the experience he wants from his education. As long as he is getting an education as well, it should not be an issue. He's earned his spots on the teams, so he should play.

Chris: Having attending a small junior high and high school, our best athletes participated in practically every sport, thus allowing individuals like myself the opportunity to be a bench warmer in practically every sport. Being a top athlete, I would imagine Jameis played not only football and baseball, but he probably kept other student-athletes eternally categorized as “second-string nobodies” in basketball, track, tennis, golf and maybe shuffleboard.

Ralphie: I just don't see the star power in Jameis Winston that players like Deion Sanders and Bo Jackson had/have.

Brad: Given that he is going to college while playing both sports, he is on his way to being on Deion Sanders’ level. He has the drive and is good on either field.

Joe: Jameis is a very good athlete; however, he is not in the class with Bo and Deion. Those guys possessed world class speed – Jamis does not and never will. Jameis is good and could be great, but speed separates the elite athletes.

Chris: I can only imagine the pools of saliva collecting on every Nike marketing executive’s chin, drooling over the possibilities of a “I’m Famous in . . . “ campaign. There would be a football highlight, followed by Jameis saying, “I’m famous in football”; a baseball highlight, followed by Jameis saying, “I’m famous in baseball”; a highlight of Jameis trying to squeeze into a spandex uniform, lying on a sled and saying, “I’m famous in luge,” shortly before his pants ripped.

Joe: If Jameis just stuck with football, he would improve his skills and focus and have a better chance of being successful. Jameis has the PHYSICAL tools to be a star in the NFL. The mental tools and toughness are yet to be determined.

Ralphie: If he were to stick with just football, I think he'd be pretty good, but I don't think he'd be a star. I think he would go through the same things that other great college players have gone through when transferring to the NFL.

Brad: Jameis has the dream to play both pro football and pro baseball. I think he would be great in either. He excels in both sports and has shown that he can bring results on the field.

Joe: I think he could be a good baseball player, but I have not seen greatness in the limited videos I have viewed. I am not convinced Jameis is an MLBer. He has proven football at the college level, but not baseball. Jameis could be stuck in the minors developing his skills for years, whereas he will be an NFL starter in short order - albeit on non-contender. Devoting too much time to football retards his baseball skill development.

Ralphie: If he stuck with just baseball, I think he would get stuck in the minor leagues. I just don't think he's good enough to play in the big leagues.

Chris: A career in minor league baseball, or at least spending his summers playing in the minors, would afford Jameis the opportunity to travel to many smaller cities in order to promote his eventual cookie brand.

Ralphie: He ought to stay at FSU for at least one more season before going pro.

Joe: Jameis should go pro as soon as he is eligible in my opinion, as he will have little to prove in football, barring serious injury.

Brad: I think that a college education should be the No. 1 priority, and he should stay and finish if possible. But if his dream is to be an NFL quarterback and the opportunity comes up, then he should take it.

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