Power Rankings: FIFA World Cup Mascots

Striker (United States 1994)
Maybe I’m partial to Striker because he is American or maybe because I’m a dog person, but he rocks in my opinion.
Fuleco (Brazil 2014)
Not only is the mascot hip and colorful, but it represents the vulnerable armadillo species.
Zakumi (South Africa 2010)
I like Zakumi, he looks like a strong and fierce cat of some kind. I think he set the bar for Fuleco.
Pique (Mexico 1986)
A jalapeno pepper, which is a perfect fit for a World Cup hosted in Mexico.
Willie (England 1966)
Willie is pretty cool, being he is from the ‘60s, and what else would the Three Lions have for their World Cup mascot but a lion; seems simple and to the point.
Footix (France 1998)
Footix kind of looked like a cereal mascot, but he was a lot better than most of the other mascots countries have created.
Goleo (Germany 2006)
Goleo looks like he walked off the set of “The Muppet Show,” and apparently he did. Goleo was designed by The Jim Henson Company. That being said, it is disappointing Goleo never wound up eating his sidekick, Pille, the talking ball.
Juanito (Mexico 1970)
“Nino pequeno” means “little boy” in Spanish. And “poco de creatividad” means “little creativity” in Spanish.
Naranjito (Spain 1982)
Naranjito was just an orange with a face. It didn’t really move me much.
Guachito (Argentina 1978)
Guachito looks like Leo Messi as a child, but back in 1978, I’m sure it was probably meant to be a cast of Diego Maradona.
Nik, Ato, Kaz (South Korea 2002)
Fans may one day learn that Nik, Ato and Kaz were mascots lost in translation, originally intended to be a dog, a cat and a fish. But until that day, these mascots of the 2002 World Cup (watched in the middle of the night by United States fans) resembled characters from someone’s bad dream.
Tip and Tap (Germany 1974)
“Sesame Street” first began in 1969. Tip and Tap debuted shortly thereafter. It seems the Germans may have plagiarized Bert and Ernie.
Ciao (Italy 1990)
Ciao is the only mascot that can be recreated by spilling a handful of red, white and green Legos.

The Power Rankings are compiled by MyBriefs staff writers Franklin Lee, Brandon Meyers and Christopher Wilson and are sponsored by Panda Express.


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