Sports Briefs: Talking Trash at the 2014 FIBA World Cup

(Talking trash is a part of basketball, but what happens at the FIBA World Cup, where, with 24 different nations competing against each other, epithets may be difficult to understand. Here’s what the gabbiest players for each country will be saying, translated for all to understand . . . Sponsored by 3 Spoons Yogurt)

Joe: Angola's players will say, "Equipa de basquetebol de Angola nunca terminou maior do que 10 no Mundial de Basquete. O que é que vocês pensam desta vez vai ser diferente?” which means, “Angola's basketball team has never finished higher than 10th in the Basketball World Cup. What, do you think this time will be different?”

Chris: Argentina’s players will say, “Los tejidos sería una buena inversión para su equipo, porque la Argentina va a hacer llorar,” which means, “Tissues would be a wise investment for your team, because Argentina is going to make you cry.”

Brad: Australia’s players will say, "Bliley mates, bunch of armchair sportsmen up oneself!” which means, “Hey buddy, your lazy teammates think way too highly of themselves!”

Ralphie: Brazil's players will say, "What are you? Nuts? We're playing basketball here!"

Joe: Croatia's players will say, “Hrvatska je tu da ga osvojiti sve ove godine. To jenajbolja momčad imali smo jer smo suočeni s Dream Team u Atlanti. Svjetsko prvenstvo će biti naše,” which means, “Croatia is there to win it all this year. This is the best team we've had since we faced the Dream Team in Atlanta. The World Cup will be ours.”

Chris: The Dominican Republic’s players will say, “Podemos no ser bueno en el baloncesto, pero podemos perforar en las costillas con una bola rápida,” which means, “We may not be good at basketball, but we can drill you in the ribs with a fastball.”

Brad: Egypt’s players will say, “What's the matter? Is that sand in your eyes?”

Ralphie: Finland's players will say, "You're not in the sauna anymore, but be prepared to sweat!"

Joe: France’s players will say, “L'Espagne a mieux se préparer à une invasion française, parce que nous avons pris la Coupe du Monde en France,” which means, “Spain had better prepare for a French invasion, because we have taken the World Cup in France.”

Chris: Greece’s players will say, “Den échete butterfingers, í̱ eínai óti to lípos sta chéria sas?" which means, "Do you have butterfingers, or is that grease on your hands?"

Brad: Iranian players will say, “We will dominate the court!”

Ralphie: Lithuania's players will say, "Out of the way! Basketball is OUR thing!"

Joe: Mexico's players will say, “Esta es nuestra primera apariencia Copa Mundial en 40 años, pero no podíamos dejar pasar la oportunidad de ir a la Patria y mostrarles verdadero baloncesto español,” which means, “This is our first World Cup appearance in 40 years, but we could not pass up the opportunity to go to the country and show true Spanish basketball.”

Chris: New Zealand’s players will say, “We may come from the land down under, but we’re about to bury you, mate” which means, “We’re not Australian.”

Brad: The Philippines’ players will say, “Hindi maaaring itigil sa amin hurricanes at wala maaari kang!” which means, “Hurricanes can't stop and neither can you!”

Ralphie: Puerto Rico’s players will say, “Mejor prepárate! Hoy no será el día en la playa para usted!” which means, “Better get ready! Today will be no day on the beach for you!”

Joe: Senegal's players will say, “Jamais, depuis Mamadou N'Diaye a le Sénégal a une bonne équipe à la Coupe du Monde. Nous nous attendons à obtenir notre première médaille en Coupe du monde,” which means, “Not since Mamadou N'Diaye has Senegal had a good team at the World Cup. We expect to get our first medal in the World Cup.”

Chris: Serbia’s players will say, “Pripremite odvratnog napolje. Mi smo bili školovani u umetnosti flopping strane našeg zemljaka, Vlade Divac,” which means, “Prepare to foul out. We have been schooled in the art of flopping by our countryman, Vlade Divac.”

Brad: Slovenia’s players will say, “Lahko igramo v vrocini in bomo zmagali!" which means, “We can play in the heat, and we will win!”

Ralphie: South Korea's players will say, "Dangsin-eun ajigdo tong-geum sigan-i pil-yocheoleom dangsin-eun dangsin-i jaesaeng nappeuda,” which means, “You're so bad. You play like you still need a curfew!"

Joe: Spain's players will say, "Como anfitrión de la Copa Mundial de este año , nuestro equipo le atenderá con amabilidad y hospitalidad y luego vencer en la cancha,” which means, “As the host for the World Cup this year, our team will treat you with kindness and hospitality and then beat you on the court.”

Chris: Turkey’s players will say, “Türkiye ile harika gidiyor biliyor musun? Stuffin!” which means, “Know what goes great with turkey? Stuffin!”

Brad: Ukraine’s players will say, “My zhyvemo poruch z Rosiyeyu, vy nas ne lyakayut!” which means, “We're next to Russia, you don't scare us!”

Ralphie: United States' players will say, "No country will EVER be as great as the USA!"

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