Sports Briefs: What We'll Remember About Derek Jeter

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Joe: Derek Jeter epitomizes all that is good about professional sports. He has left a lasting impression on all that have watched him play the game over the last 20 years. Some of my lasting thoughts on Derek Jeter include the following: I’ll remember Derek Jeter as a player that came to work everyday, played hard and at a high level.

Chris: I’ll remember missing seeing Jeter’s walk-off home run in the bottom of the 10th inning of Game 4 of the 2001 World Series because I was having to study for a college exam the next day that was either on “Pride and Prejudice,” “Pride and Joy” or “Byung-Hyun Kim.”

Brad: I'll remember Jeter's flip and thinking shortstop must be the closest to the center of the field to be able to pull off that play.

Ralphie: I'll remember the flip.

Joe: I’ll remember Derek Jeter as a professional baseball player that was a gentleman on the field and off the field. He was always a celebrity off the field, but he conducted himself in a manner that makes his family, his fans, his opponents, and the media all respect him. We need more players in the news like Derek Jeter, as good role models to our younger generations, instead of the examples being vetted in the NFL these days.

Chris: I’ll remember being at a Texas Rangers game in mid-August over a decade ago and hearing fans cheer as loudly for the Captain as for any of the Rangers. And when I say “the Captain,” I’m referring to Jeter, as opposed to the Rangers’ mascot. Of course, Jeter had not yet been appointed captain, nor had the Rangers mascot been born, leaving the possibility that there were no captains in attendance that day, rendering my point completely irrelevant.

Brad: I'll remember when Jeter dated Mariah Carey and being so jealous!

Ralphie: I'll remember his jump throw.

Joe: I’ll remember Derek Jeter as a handsome MLB star that attracted and dated some of the most beautiful women in the world. Derek is a gifted baseball player that made the most of his talents, while maximizing his off the field opportunities in a positive way.

Chris: I’ll remember seeing Jeter get shot in the leg by detective Mark Wahlberg in the tunnel at Yankee Stadium. That was followed by Jeter showing an unfathomable amount of forgiveness by disguising himself as a homeless person to do undercover work to assist Wahlberg and fellow detective Will Ferrell, as documented in the New York Police Department expose “The Other Guys.”

Brad: I'll remember the day Jeter became the Yankees' hit leader and feeling sad that eventually no one will remember players before him.

Ralphie: I'll remember his dive over the wall when he came up with a bloody face.

Joe: I’ll remember Derek Jeter as the only player in MLB history that had 11 seasons in his career in which he batted over .300 and finished with both double-digit homers and steals.

Chris: I’ll remember buying Jeter’s 1997 Kenner Starting Lineup figure at Toys “R” Us and thinking that, should I one day sell the item, it would probably be a windfall that would allow me to either retire early or possibly purchase the Yankees organization as a whole. Unfortunately, that figure is now going for less than $10 on eBay.

Brad: I'll remember when Jeter hit 3,000 and being in awe that someone could reach that in their career.

Ralphie: I'll remember his first home run moment.

Joe: I’ll remember the last Yankee to wear a single digit uniform in Yankee Stadium in his last at-bat hit a walk-off home run. Yes, Derek Jeter walked off at Yankee Stadium as the hero, much like he has been to Yankee fans for the last 20 years, truly a baseball legend.

Chris: I’ll remember Jeter hitting a walk-off, game-winning single in the bottom of the ninth inning in his final game at Yankee Stadium, thanks to “SportsCenter’s” brainwashing technique of replaying the highlight, at last count, 92 times per hour.

Brad: I'll remember Jeter's home run hit that a kid grabbed, sending the Orioles off the deep end and laughing over them all arguing with the officials.

Ralphie: I'll remember the game when he got his 3,000th hit (and the fact that I have dirt from the field from that game).

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