Sports Briefs: In 2014, I'm Thankful For . . .

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Joe: I am thankful that I live in a free country where I can worship God without persecution.

Chris: I’m thankful for Manchester City and the San Antonio Spurs winning trophies this year, marking the first time in my life two of my favorite teams have won their respective leagues in the same year, which seemed a reasonable enough excuse to go around the neighborhood looting stores and setting other people’s mailboxes on fire.

Ralphie: I'm thankful for baseball because it's the best sport in the world.

Joe: I am thankful for my family and our health, especially my loving wife of 47 years.

Chris: I’m thankful for corn on the cob, which – no matter how carefully it is eaten – will give the impression that its consumer has a mouth full of gold teeth.

Ralphie: I'm thankful for SEC football because it's the best in the country.

Joe: I am thankful for being able to enjoy my retirement, where I can travel, watch sports, play with the grandchildren, and eat out when we want.

Chris: I’m thankful for the Big 12 having 10 schools and the Big 10 having 14 schools, giving scholars at each those establishments of higher learning the strong likelihood that Addin’ 101, Subtractin’ 101 and Countin’ 101 are blow-off classes taught by a manikin.

Ralphie: I'm thankful for Bo Jackson because he sets a good example for young athletes.

Joe: I am thankful for the magic of the Internet and the ability to learn and share information rapidly.

Chris: I’m thankful for NBC Sports Network giving the Men In Blazers a weekly program, and viewers are all fortunate the hosts chose “Blazers,” rather than “Briefs,” as their moniker.

Ralphie: I'm thankful for Gus Malzahn because he is a great coach and treats the players the right way.

Joe: I am thankful for the opportunity to get a college education and pursue a professional career.

Chris: I’m thankful for the ability to pause live TV, giving me the opportunity to stop and admire the beauty of sports, including Marcin Gortat’s mohawk.

Ralphie: I'm thankful for Little League baseball because that's how I get to play.

Joe: I am thankful for my youth and the ability to play four sports and develop lifelong friendships, athletic abilities, and leadership skills.

Chris: I’m thankful for the Baltimore Ravens, Washington Redskins and Seattle Sounders being the only three professional sports teams who employ marching bands, giving college musicians at least three options, should they decide to go pro.

Ralphie: I'm thankful I got to go to the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame this year.

Joe: I am thankful for the Atlanta Braves making some changes to the front office and roster. (I think.)

Chris: I’m thankful for Outback Steakhouse making a miniature replica Madden Cruiser, an eBay find which would be a handy mode of transportation for John Madden, if he was the size of an ant.

Ralphie: I'm thankful I got to tour Yankee Stadium and go to a Yankees game this year.

Joe: I am thankful for the college football playoff system, and hopefully it will reduce the consternation we have experienced. NOTE: Instead of the No. 3 team being mad, it will now be the No. 5 team that is left out.

Chris: I’m thankful for never having been forced to play a basketball game on an aircraft carrier, considering that when I played basketball on my driveway, my errant shots used to wind up as far as three houses down, it would not be a far stretch to imagine me inadvertently providing basketballs for the seals to play with in either the Pacific or Atlantic Ocean.

Ralphie: I'm thankful I got to meet Pete Rose this year.

Joe: I am thankful for the beauty of nature and the wonderful changes of seasons.

Chris: I’m thankful for Mr. Met’s education and that it seems to be paying off. Although he does not know how to talk, he has apparently learned to write, having recently published his first book, “Yes, It’s Hot in Here.”

Ralphie: I'm thankful for my Grandpa because he teaches me all about sports.

Joe: I am thankful for my parents and all the opportunities they let me pursue, despite all the mischief they endured from me.

Chris: I’m thankful for getting to celebrate 10 years of, proving that underwear jokes never get old.

Ralphie: Most of all, I'm thankful I'm not an Alabama fan.

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