Musings of Maestro R: Fluidity of the Grind

(By Richard A. Rampello)

Baseball has such a rich history in poetry and the arts. Perhaps the sport that plays on the gridiron can find the beauty and memory, ala "Casey at Bat"? Yet metered poetry in sports is a difficult take, so the idea was scrapped, maintaining only the rhyming couplet effort:

Behind and ahead simultaneously all told
And yet so little has yet to unfold, to be so bold
One break leads to a restart; decisions are paramount
The most quiet moment actually the last surmount

A retreat and swivel appears like cowardice
Yet the eye on the prize, unhurried with vice, yet not remiss
More than forthcoming volition; intentions known
The design to surge, be it grounded or flown

So much more than a press of flesh gladiator-wise
It has become a maligned sad, mediator of lies,
Partly the media, but forget not the participants
Ultimately, responsibility is beholden to past gents

Back, yet never having lost focus, truly integral
To success, to dedication and being on a roll
The inertia so much stronger inert
Onward, yet so little energy stars seem to exert

Could it be broom-like and a simile?
To Boeing or Louganis or even the losing Lee
Perhaps Custer-like via a defensive move
In a sport that also states speed can behoove

So simple as one foot continues in succession
Two feet, directional for best results in session
But oh to see the jukes, the moves, reminders
Of Barry to the real McCoy, Shady has finders

First contact leads to a second level
And like Mario there are jumps to revel
Perhaps form takes a hold, to end the fold?
And to see colors and hear reactions it is told

At next turn, perhaps the begin again
Another take upon the stopping pen
Will they draw in or drop back?
Conservative or be on the attack?

How much fun the potential is
It could be hot, posts, or a go biz
Working the white lines, orange markers
Close calls maybe, a curl calls barkers

Moreover, the tempo ebbs and flows
Numerous or dredged scenarios
Defense seems to win championships
But really it is execution that avoids blips

There is love in fandom called a Super Bowl victory. I love poetry, obviously, as well as the sporting world. To mesh them is a natural calling. Those who have penned in the past, renowned and well known, resonate because of language used to display the message, as well as the message that drives the intent of words. I will not name names to allow your mind to draw those influences, as you seek to be one yourself.

Richard A. Rampello is the author of the column Musings of Maestro R.

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