Power Rankings: Famous Jasons

Jason Voorhees
He may be the least handsome one on this list. He is the only known murderer on this list. And he may be incapable of dying. But Mrs. Voorhees’ son is the only Jason who both has his own holiday which comes one to three times a year and is instantly recognizable by his first name only.
Jason Kidd
Current coach of the Milwaukee Bucks who was an NBA champion with the Dallas Mavericks. One of my favorite basketball players. I’ll always remember him as a New Jersey Net who took his team to two NBA Finals, only to lose to the Spurs and Lakers, respectively. Future Hall of Famer.
Jason Alexander
Constanza from “Seinfeld.” Our site is called MyBriefs, right? Can anyone forget the episode Constanza comes out of Jerry’s bathroom in his underwear yelling, “Vandalay Industries”?
Jason Bateman
I grew up watching this guy, as I was a child of the ‘80s, and now he has made a huge comeback in 2000s.
Jason Witten
It's between Witten, Mike Ditka and Jay Novacek for the title of the best Cowboys tight end ever, but Witten is undoubtedly the best ever NFL player named Jason.
Jason Priestley
All I can really say is that I remember all the girls in my junior high days wearing his shirts because of “Beverly Hills 90201.” Yuck!!!
Jason Segel
You name it, he has done it. Sitcoms, movies and standup, plus the guy is really, really smart, despite how goofy he comes off in the movies.
Jason Sudeikis
He’s an extremely funny guy who really put in his time in the comedy biz. Plus, he is married to Olivia Wilde . . . WOW!!!
Jason Lee
Played Earl from the hit television show “My Name is Earl” and Dave Seville on the “Alvin and the Chipmunk” movies. Loved him as Earl. The whole making amends for everything he has ever done wrong thing . . . kind of commendable.
Jason Terry
Nicknamed “The Jet,” he is one of the most clutch basketball players. Teammate of Jason Kidd’s on the Dallas Mavericks’ championship team of 2011.

The Power Rankings are compiled by MyBriefs staff writers Joseph Laguerre, Franklin Lee and Christopher Wilson and are sponsored by Panda Express.


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