Power Rankings: Famous Leprechauns

Lucky (Lucky Charms)
Lucky from Lucky Charms cereal, I mean come on! ”They’re magically delicious!” He is probably the most famous leprechaun to my generation.
The Leprechaun (Notre Dame)
The Fighting Irish logo looks like a feisty, mad leprechaun. The people playing the roles are much more fun in person, lol.
Lucky (Boston Celtics)
When you look at the logo, the guy kind of looks like a cartoon mobster. When you see pictures of the people playing the role, they look like a happy go lucky entertainer. The Boston Celtic mascot entertains the masses.
The Leprechaun (horror movie series)
I wish I could say the Leprechaun from the horror movies scared me, but every time I try to watch of those movies, I start laughing uncontrollably. Word for the wise: don’t mess with a leprechaun’s gold!
King Brian
King Brian is from a move (“Darby O’Gill and the Little People”) from the 1950s that I admit I never saw, but through research found out he was a good king who gave solid wisdom, despite being forced to do so.
Hornswoggle is the crazy 4’5” ball of energy who makes wrestling fun to watch. The little guy even managed to be a Cruiserweight champion for a time.
Appearing in the 1951 Warner Bros. cartoon, “The Wearing of the Grin,” O’Toole is revealed to actually be two leprechauns in disguise, one standing on the other’s shoulders. And neither O’Pat or O’Mike are fond of the idea of letting Porky Pig spend the night in their castle.
Kyle Johnson
Character from the Disney movie "Luck of the Irish." Junior in high school who discovers that he is half leprechaun. He discovers his lucky coin that was stolen is the key to his family's disguise as humans.
Uncle O’Grimacey
Grimace’s uncle from Ireland. Considering that Uncle O’Grimacey is green, carries a shillelagh and pitches Shamrock Shakes, it is no stretch to consider him an obese leprechaun, especially since no one knows what species Grimace is.  
Blarney Kilakilarney
Character in 1981 Christmas cartoon, “The Leprechauns’ Christmas Gold.” His gold is in danger after one of the characters
accidentally releases a gold-loving banshee.

The Power Rankings are compiled by MyBriefs staff writers Joseph Laguerre, Franklin Lee and Christopher Wilson and are sponsored by Panda Express.


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