Musings of Maestro R: I'm Disappointed

(By Richard A. Rampello)

I am going with my first “theme” article: I’m Disappointed.

In Aldon Smith, but I do not feel sorry for him.

I’m disappointed that Ty Lawson had similar and less spaced out drunk-driving related offenses, and he is traded but “more focused than ever,” per his new teammate but prior friend, James Harden.

I’m disappointed that Aldon Smith promised publicly sobriety, while I am also disappointed – and perplexed – that Josh Hamilton has eluded more punishment by basically pulling the faith move of being forgiven because he essentially asked for it.

I am disappointed at the likely response to that line I will receive, possibly touting me as an atheist, especially because I tout the line secular is pristine. Like Jewel, I like the oxymoronic lines as a means of juxtaposing hypocrisy. My piety is my own and does not need justification.

I’m disappointed that Mr. Smith has become the Leon Lett of alcohol, a narcotic as Robin Williams asserted while humoring us. I’m disappointed Mr. Williams is no longer obtusely offending us or acutely enlightening us.

I’m unsure of what will happen to Aldon Smith, but I’m disappointed we will not find out. Greg Montgomery was decent booter of balls as a means of defense (re: punter), one who suffered from Bipolar Disorder, yet never completed his comeback; if he ever really made the effort. Aldon Smith is likely done.

I’m disappointed we cannot find a medium in covering psychological disorders, where we go from ostracizing Ricky Williams, to feeling sorry for Zach Grienke to heralding Ian Snell, while losing track of Khalil Greene. Remember the fall of Dontrelle Willis? His leg kick had the media aflutter, hitters flustered. Later his anxiety reduced him to what was.

I’m disappointed that Donald Trump never acknowledged my tweet in his defense or the story I wrote further emphasizing that point. I’m disappointed that Steve Forbes still has not emailed me back. I guess I like to converse with billionaires? Then again, I’m most disappointed that Rick Reilly never found me funny. With all of that said, I am not mad, nor am I holding a grudge. My disappointments are reminders to keep trying, not necessarily pain; like that of a parent realizing a failure in communication with a child. You know that moment when you really gave them pause about still telling others you’re their kid? My parents, as far as I know, never did or have done that, but as the slogan goes, “Hey, you never know.”

I am let down at the idea of an athlete remarking they are the greatest, and everyone getting shocked and dismissive. Should Robert Griffin III lament of past glories and admit his misgivings in totality to the press? Should we re-criticize Jerramy Stevens for saying Jerome Bettis’s potentially Elway-esque career ending would conclude with a Super Bowl loss? I am more disappointed in Joey Porter saying he was angry. Why, because the other team expected to win? And lest we forget the jail time for Stevens for being inebriated while operating a moving vehicle.

I am frustrated at the latest injury to Griffin, even more so he is missing the dress rehearsal for the season, even more so than that with the offensive line on the right side and most disappointed that these games are on NFL Network, which I currently do not have.

Overall, I am just let down.

Illinois’s football team (the Fighting Illini, not the Bears) just canned their head coach for not protecting his students. Tim Beckman says, “it was a rush to judgment,” maybe because it was an ex-offensive lineman who brought this up in May. Please do not bring Donald Trump into this, to debate what is abuse. Let us pray Beckman does not solicit the Trump defense that a head football coach cannot abuse his players. Admittedly, there is disappointment with myself for going there.

I am sickened by the former reporter who gunned down two co-workers. I am disappointed his name is better known – which is why I will not pen it – than his three victims literally and myriad more that witnessed. I have seen the photos, thankfully not the video.

I am disappointed that I am still striving for a legitimate foothold, albeit thankful my drive remains. This brings us back to Beckman, because this has long been an issue. Rutgers former basketball coach (Mike Rice) was known as bully, but Bob Knight put this idea in the heads of us all. Recall “zero tolerance”? Mike Shanahan was well regarded for “respecting his players,” until Washington it appears.

I am disappointed that so many people take their shirts off on “American Ninja Warrior.” I get Steve Harvey’s point when referencing LL Cool J, defending his right to remove his top, stating “because he can.” It does not mean someone should. I’m disappointed I kind of like the show instead of merely minding it.

In the midst of these let downs, doing the right thing is the hardest, sometimes with a feeling of failure upfront.

Very rarely is it disappointing.

Richard A. Rampello is the author of the column Musings of Maestro R.

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