Musings of Maestro R: Positive Spin

(By Richard A. Rampello)

So I was negative last month, meaning I should probably flip the script this time around. But is disappointment negative, or is it a positive in that expectations are high, even if they are not met? Or is it nothing more than someone crashing on your personal parade, pervading your own world to not be justified for anyone other than yourself? To break it down, should you care that anyone seemingly dismisses your accomplishments as not enough?

Naturally, examples are wanted. So, for example (my 11th grade English teacher would be thrilled), when my beloved Redskins lost to the New York Giants, I was proud of their fight to the finish and their overall competitive nature. I mean, how lucky was Randle’s bobbled touchdown catch?

Cousins had over 300 yards, and they nearly scored again late; however, they lost. Should that effort and apparent nastiness to play to the whistle and final tick be demeaned and dumped? Should it be exalted and celebrated is the other side? Is saying it is the middle a lackadaisical, homely comment that underscores both sides of that argument? Then again, without the middle can we divide the differences clearly?

But this Sunday I did utter, “God, I love football,” when CBS played the ends of three games after the Pats' match versus the overmatched Jags concluded. Note, I did not say ended, yet there was an example of a team going to the end. And then there is the team from Foxboro.

Is it fair to hate a team, to ask a team to stay great execution because they are better? Of course not, because the nature of competition bears out success. And during their 17-0 season of 2007, with the grand Randy Moss, they never wanted to end a killer instinct; the drive to thrive. Just look at Atlanta’s wins this season, particularly Week 3, after the Cowboys blew a huge lead.

I am taking the bipartisan approach. And like Trump, I do not always care about being politically correct, “I just want to be honest.” So I tweeted Harry Reid, or at Senator Reid, for the second and third time of my life. Not surprisingly, they have gone unanswered. After all, I am nobody, who clearly provides him no support. Why waste your time? Even “Joe the Plumber” came back to criticize McCain.

I am impressed with the play of receivers this year, especially Julio Jones, Larry Fitzgerald and Antonio Brown. Fitzgerald was on his way out of the league, not just Arizona. He wisely, and in same part the team wisely as well, re-upped for him to stick with Bruce Arians and the dominant Cards.

Matt Jones has caught my eye, albeit mostly in one game, but a mistake may lead to a very positive change: no change of possession when an offensive player fumbles out of the end zone. I do not want to reward players who make mistakes, but a columnist pointed out that if there is no corralling by the defense, subsequently, there is no actual change of ball control.

To this I add, have it go back to the original line of scrimmage, not to exceed the 20 yard line, effectively treating it as a touchback, without eliminating large plays into the red zone. Consequently, this is followed by a continued scoring opportunity. There is a reason the Red Zone channel was created and rolls on.

I am impressed with Tyrod Taylor’s excitement, left with a definite imprint regarding the puzzling play-calling of the Eagles (they certainly gave the Jets ample opportunities to score late), moved by Allen Hurns of Jacksonville and blown away by Steve Smith, Sr., who hauled in 13 catches for 186 yards in a loss to the undefeated Bengals. I remind you he is north of 35, but I love his exercise regimen (lots of cycling or spinning for low impact on his joints).

Let us credit the Mets, salute the Royals unofficially, hold our breath for Lionel Messi, and laugh like heck for Landon Donovan’s subdued acting skills (his ex-wife is quite funny on "Undateable"), not to mention high voice Peyton Manning, because who has not wanted to scream like that in frustration? Thankfully, I cannot.

Recall that in the means of progress, there is generally a slaughter. It may be Matt Jones for a rules change, and I watch closely for all extra points now. And that was before back to back debacles by the Longhorns of Texas.

So what to make of this? Well, partly to read between the lines, as that is often where the action is. I believe positivity comes in generality that we can all share, whilst negativity is a point to event of distinct specificity. Not a new comment by me.

Keep hopeful, miss Yogi Berra and please play more real football than fantasy. Reality sustains joy, fantasy offers false hope. It is time for action and reminder that we speak to joy.

Let us act on it.

Richard A. Rampello is the author of the column Musings of Maestro R.

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