Emeril's Super Bowl Recipe Cards

(By Richard A. Rampello)

In 1999, fittingly the year of “The Party,” as well as the midnight cringe that turned into the New Year, was also when "Every Day’s a Party" was published by Emeril Lagasse. I have long been a fan of the Chef, which I say with great respect because many have been called that on television, and this is as opposed to Bob Cobb’s desire to always be dubbed Maestro on "Seinfeld." My love of that show is well known, the tattoo of Maestro on my arm, not as much.

But my point here is my dad got the book for me, knowing I was a fan, and two years later Emeril helped to “kick it up a notch” for Super Bowl XXXVI in New Orleans, but this was news to me, albeit an exciting finding that made me happy to conduct research.

There was a Coca-Cola and Kraft promotion for Mr. Lagasse's "Big Easy Bash," featuring a Super Bowl Party Planner given away with a purchase of one Coca-Cola and one Kraft product, along with one of nine different recipe cards included in 12-packs of Coca-Cola.

Recipes include "spicy shrimp po' boys," "bananas foster cheesecake squares," "Louisiana potato salad," "pepperjack and smoked turkey quesadillas with chili-lime dipping sauce," "creole spinach and crab cakes," "Cajun cheeseball," "hot corn dip," "bamburgers" and "kicked up chicken drumettes with blue cheese dipping sauce."

The troubled Louisville Cardinals play at the KFC Yum Center, something Emeril seems to know more about. Furthermore, he also worked hard to bring Drew Brees to New Orleans.

The drumettes and blue cheese dipping sauce has Emeril’s original essence. Moreover, I once heard that Emeril has over 1,000 of his own recipes, with some certainly used for "Emeril Live." Yeah, that’s a “bam” moment. That potato salad has eight slices of bacon and is often served warm, although you can very much cover, refrigerate the day before and serve after letting it equal the aura (re: temperature) of the room.

I am sorry for the melodramatic tiding, but Peyton Manning put it there, and, well, this is a family site. We need not be hokey, but the Super Bowl, named by a father playing with his kids, is the ultimate father-son day. The amalgam of food, sports and family can certainly be super . . . and cheesy.

Let the dipping begin.

Richard A. Rampello / Archive


  1. These are becoming increasingly hard to find. I remember seeing them advertised in packs of Coke. Rather than attempting to drink nine 12-packs (at minimum, assuming I received a Super Bowl miracle and did not get a duplicate card), I thought it would be easier to buy the whole set off ebay for cheap back in 2002.

  2. What does the whole set go for now??

  3. What does the whole set go for now??


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