McDonald's Nothing But Net MVPs Cups

(By Richard A. Rampello)

In switching gears, eBay loves the classics, as do people in general when it comes to selling McDonald’s Nothing But Net MVPs cups.

On those plastic goblets, produced in 1993, are the recently deceased Moses Malone, the back from the brink Bill Walton possibly looking to “throw it down,” MJ, “The round mound of rebound” or Charles Barkley, Larry Bird and Julius Erving.

Each cup includes a blurb of an important moment, along with an illustration of that moment, from a particular season in which that player won the MVP award.

The world loves to market moments, and apparently so does Coke, which was part of the Nothing But Net promotion too. McDonald's also produced matching fry containers and made their employees wear Nothing But Net branded hats.

The cups were released shortly after McDonald's well-known ad, titled "The Showdown," with two MVPs playing H-O-R-S-E. I loved the Larry Bird versus Michael Jordan fantastical moments, you know, when the basketball world knew what a backboard was. This was before Michael Jordan’s owner struggles and salty Hall of Fame speech and “Larry Legend’s” recent proclamation he is going to die young.

“Chocolate Thunder” and the “Chairman of the Boards” are recent examples of big men dropped young, apparently healthy. In layman terms, that is Darryl Dawkins and Moses Malone, neither older than 60 when they passed. Bird is 6'9", having noted heart ailments, so the concern is scarily real.

Fortunately, for noted health reasons, for those intent on collecting the set of six Nothing But Net cups, eating at McDonald's is no longer required.

Richard A. Rampello / Archive

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  1. Jordan and Barkley were the real finds to someone who grew up in the '80s. As a teenager when these came out, Walton was an annoying announcer, Bird was someone who had back problems and Malone may or may not have been the same Moses who parted the Red Sea. In fact, I think I remember specifically requesting my drink in a Jordan cup when I went to McDonald's.


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