Sports Briefs: What We'll Remember About Peyton Manning

Joe: I'll remember Peyton Manning as the all-time leading NFL QB in passing. He is one of the greatest of all time and a surefire, first-ballot Hall of Famer.

Chris: I'll remember wondering, every time Manning took off his helmet and seeing that vicious reddish-purple mark on his forehead, if requesting to wear larger headgear, approximately the size of Dark Helmet's in "Spaceballs," would have been a wise decision.

Brad: I'll remember when Peyton Manning was cut by the Colts in 2012; Manning was due to make $28 million, was coming off of an injury, and the Colts had the No. 1 pick in the upcoming draft. It was the smart move, but an emotional one as well.

Joe: I'll remember Peyton Manning as one who did not blindly follow his father to Ole Miss, as he chose Tennessee and a coach and team that was ready to compete for a national championship.

Chris: I'll remember Manning directing the University of Tennessee marching band after his final home game in college. And apparently, Manning allowed the drum major to play quarterback for Tennessee during the Volunteers' bowl game weeks later.

Brad: I'll remember when he broke the all-time passing yards record . . . by throwing 5/20 and four picks.

Joe: I'll remember Peyton Manning as an extension to one of America's greatest sports families. The Manning family has been excellent role models, great citizens and outstanding professional athletes.

Chris: I'll remember how strong Manning's arm used to be, as he exhibited in the DirecTV trailer for "Football Cops" and the "Saturday Night Live" skit for the United Way. Demaryius Thomas has reason to be envious of both the criminals and the 10-year-olds who were pummeled by Manning-thrown footballs.

Brad: I'll remember his MasterCard commercial where he was cheering on people for once! "Cut that meat! Cut that meat! CUT THAT MEAT!"

Joe: I'll remember Peyton Manning as one tough guy who fought through a serious injury to come back for one more try at a Super Bowl championship, and he succeeded. He went out on top.

Chris: I'll remember Manning losing his velocity in Denver, which can be entirely blamed on DirecTV forcing him to lose leg muscle to record the "Skinny Legs Peyton Manning" commercial. Although, the "Really High Voice Peyton Manning" can likely be attributed to the high altitude in Colorado.

Brad: I'll remember after his Super Bowl win and last game he said that he was going to "drink a lot of Budweiser." He wasn't even paid to say that. Bottoms up, Champ.

Joe: I'll remember Peyton Manning best for the influence he had on my brother. My brother, Jack, did not go to college but loved Peyton Manning at Tennessee. I knew he liked him, but just didn't know how much until his funeral. He was wearing a Peyton Manning Tennessee jersey, and I will forever have that vision to remember Peyton and my brother. May he RIP.

Chris: I'll remember Manning going 0-4 against Florida in college and starting 0-6 against New England in the NFL. However, Manning went 6-5 against the Patriots from there on out. And if he decides to use a pseudonym, pursue a Masters degree at Tennessee and walk on the football team, that would be a bad sign for the Gators.

Brad: I'll remember his nickname, "The Sheriff," since it really does represent his personality in an accurate way.

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