Five Churchill Charlie Collectibles

(By Christopher Wilson)

People are scared of mascots. Mascots are scared of horses. And horses are scared of people. That makes the Kentucky Derby the most bloodcurdling sporting event in America, thanks to Churchill Charlie.

The official mascot of the Kentucky Derby may be smiling, but seeing as how Charlie's named for a muscle spasm, don't be fooled by his happy exterior. He is over six feet of fear. For those interested in overcoming their jitters or terrorizing others, here are five Churchill Charlie collectibles, old and new, available online.

"Do you like carrots?" "Have you ever trampled a jockey?" "Will you stab me with a meat cleaver if I turn my back?" Those are all questions one can ask and receive the same nodding-head answer for from bobblehead Churchill Charlie. This bobblehead was produced in 2002 for the 128th running of the Kentucky Derby.

The Kentucky Derby is all about lavish hats and southern style, but what are youngerts supposed to wear? How about an official Churchill Charlie shirt? This youth-size t-shirt was made in 2014 for the 140th running of the Kentucky Derby.

Every Churchill Charlie shirt needs to be topped off with a Churchill Charlie cap. This adjustable, youth-size cap even features a little tuft of Charlie's hair. Besides, it's better to wear a horse on one's head than to wear an actual horse head.

New for 2016 for the 142nd running of the Kentucky Derby is the Churchill Charlie Bleacher Creatures doll. Charlie stands 10 inches tall and is dressed in his traditional yellow and green Junior Jockey Club uniform.

Finally, Charlie apparently either used to suffer from low self-esteem or was incredibly dense, judging by the book, "The Adventures of Churchill Charlie: Charlie Learns He's Special." Fortunately, author Kelly Cassity made it perfectly clear how unique Charlie is, considering he's a horse that can walk on his hind legs. At 22 pages it may not be large enough for Charlie to sink his teeth into, but the book is perfect for children or those who like a lot of illustrations. This paperback book was published in 2001 for the 127th running of the Kentucky Derby.

Christopher is a Waco, Texas, resident, Editor in Chief of, author of the book "Sports Briefs" and the adult writer for the Gab Four. Read more of his solo columns here.

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