Trick or treat! MyBriefs is excited to be participating in the 10th annual online Countdown to Halloween this October with our collection of sports and spooks.

Also, pick up one of MyBriefs' 2015 Halloween Briefs Pack. Why bother going from house to house when you can have a box of treats delivered straight to your door? Each Briefs Pack comes filled with sports-related Halloween goodies and collectibles. Order yours by clicking the banner below.


We've also set up a nice selection of non-cavity inducing treats, including an creepy congregation of columns (best read late at night). And be sure to like MyBriefs' Facebook page and follow our Twitter page for some spooky giveaways now through Halloween.

Stuck on Halloween Big League Chew
Favorite gum of werewolves and mummies? Big League Chew, of course, as Chris chews up their Halloween edition . . . more

Trick or Treating with the Sleepy Hollow Horsemen
Headless candy? Horseshoes for treats? It can only mean that the Gab Four went trick or treating in Sleepy Hollow . . . more

Power Rankings: Halloween Candy
From Reese's and Snickers Pumpkins to Hershey's Kisses and candy corn, we rank the best Halloween candy of the season . . . more

Power Rankings: Classic Universal Monsters
Dracula. Frankenstein. Wolf Man. Eek! There are chills aplenty in our Universal Monsters Power Rankings . . . more

Ghost Basketball is Fantastic!
Glowing skeletons playing hoops in the dark? Thrills! Suspense! Chills! Forget the NBA, Chris says Ghost Basketball is fantastic! . . . more

The (Baltimore) Raven
Edgar Allan Poe, a Baltimore Ravens fan? Indeed! Chris hands his column over to the poet, who shuns Lenore for Ray Lewis . . . more

Trick or Treating with the Baltimore Ravens
What could be more Halloweeny than Edgar Allan Poe, Ray Lewis and trick or treating with the Baltimore Ravens? The Gab Four grab their pails and go asking for candy  . . . more

Skeletons on Ice
The Milwaukee Admirals may not count Garfield as a fan, but they have unearthed the only mascot capable of making Chris interested in hockey . . . more

Rip My Heart Out
RIP, London Rippers. Jack the Ripper adds another victim, as Chris writes the minor league baseball team's obituary . . . more

Trick or Treating with the Oakland Raiders
Treat bags, flashlights and unbridled enthusiasm in hand, the Gab Four have carpooled to Oakland, Calif., to walk the sidewalks and go trick or treating in the Raiders' neighborhood . . . more

Frankenstein Knows Baseball
Think Kirk Gibson had a memorable pinch hit? It was actually a remake. Boris Karloff as Frankenstein's Monster had a monster pinch hit for his one and only appearance in a baseball game . . . more

Down on the Kaska Family Farm
Chris enters the decathlon in the Autumn Olympics, conquering the Headless Horseman, a pumpkin patch, a herd of bunnies, a shooting gallery, a strobe light and two corn mazes . . . more

Scary Stories to Tell in the Park
Chris summons his inner Alvin Schwartz and recounts Coca-Cola's Monsters of the Gridiron football card series from the mid '90s . . . more

Addams' Groove
Chris turns his column over to guest columnist Gomez Addams, who discusses the rich history his family has in sports . . . more

Field of Screams
The original Field of Dreams in Iowa is haunted, as Chris investigates some baseball-playing ghosts . . . more

It Better Be at Night Football
Chris gets bitten by Count Dracula, who takes over as the guest columnist and tells grim tales of gridiron lore . . . more


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