No sports website can be considered a source of journalistic integrity without a mascot. Therefore, meet's namesake, Sport, the only smiling pair of underwear known to man or briefs. 

For a pair of unmentionables, Sport gets around. He attends all kinds of sporting events and loves getting his picture taken with his favorite athletes and mascots. This is due to his being photogenic and having envious amounts of personal magnetism.

Though Sport is easily influenced and has had difficulty picking a favorite team in each sport, he has solved this quandary by choosing to root for every team. This leads to being labeled a bandwagon fan, though Sport has learned to live with that distinction, since he never has to worry about a team breaking his heart. This causes him to always have a smile on his face. Sport could be talked into supporting just one team, but it would have to be a persuasive argument.

Happy Star, Carl's Jr. mascot
"Dude, I'd give you the undershirt off my back. We love u! Thx for the cool pic!" - about the slideshow "Sport at Carl's Jr."


Height: 6.5 inches, give or take a few stitches
Birthdate: Feb. 15, 2008
Favorite TV Show: "Salute Your Shorts"
Favorite Movie: "The Pelican Brief"
Favorite Book: "Sports Briefs"
Favorite Song: "Pants on the Ground"
Favorite Superhero: Captain Underpants
Favorite Seafood Restaurant: Long Johns
Scared of: Skid marks

Arts & Crafts

Sport is available to join you on your next trip to the game, and the best part is you won't even have to purchase a ticket for him. Since he's a member of the press, Sport gets free admission into every sporting event, though he is too modest to brag about this. Assuming you can convince Sport to root for your team (it won't be hard) . . .

  1. Click the "Download Now" link below.
  2. Print the PDF of Sport (Landscape works best). 
  3. Cut out Sport, color him your favorite team's colors, laminate for best results and you've got a new friend!
  4. Share your photos of Sport! Send them to, or post them on our Facebook or Twitter so we can see all the places Sport visits.

Sport the Mascot printable coloring page
(Download Now)

Sport's Archive

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